*** I stopped washing my face in the morning.  ***   And here’s a tip: You probably don’t need to wash your face then, either. Lots of skin problems, some research shows, can be caused or exacerbated by compromised skin. What does compromised mean? Skin that’s been stripped of its natural protective properties by over-cleansing or … Continue Reading

So. Baby wearing. Let’s talk about it. I can’t say that in the past I’ve ever been a fan. It’s not that it’s not perfectly adorable and kinda sweet; it’s just that all the carriers that friends recommended to me made me feel less “Chic New Mom” and more “Slipped Disc Waiting to Happen.” After … Continue Reading

You guys, I had such a great experience at BlogHer here in Orlando today. I couldn’t go to more than one day’s worth of events (#childcareissues #momlife), but today I got to listen to and speak with some incredible, smart and motivated women who made me more excited about than ever this new journey that … Continue Reading

These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out. Which is to say, it ain’t happening anytime soon. And today when I dragged myself and my milk-stained pajamas out of bed and into the bathroom for the 30th time or so since … Continue Reading

After the birth of our son, our first child, there was an actual worn path in the nursery room carpet, in the shape of a Figure 8 from the hours and hours I would spend pacing, trying to get him to sleep. Let’s just say he was a baby who needed to be coaxed. We followed … Continue Reading

This weekend we did what any sane parents who need a little relaxation but who also know that packing up three kids and two adults for longer than a couple days is straight bonkers would do–a staycation. Can you tell we are fans of The Staycation? It’s kinda our thing. That’s what living in the most-frequented city in … Continue Reading

It’s Father’s Day weekend! Just wanted to check in and say that I hope you and the fatherly figures in your life are celebrating. On this blog and in the world, we give moms a lot of the credit for all the kid- and family-related work, but dads are toiling away in the background and … Continue Reading

Are you sick of reading posts about motherhood and kids yet? Ugh. Even I’m kind of sick of it. But sorry. Here we go again. Because even though I swore that my next post wouldn’t be all mommy, navel-gaze-y, self-relfection, mumbo jumbo crap, I found this article. And it kinda knocked my socks off. Even … Continue Reading

He put his hand over my heart. “Is this where love lives?” It was dark outside, well past my 4-year-old son’s bedtime, and we were crammed into his twin bed, nose to nose. He was in that very distinct stage of not-quite-sleep where all the silliness wanes and the sweetness surfaces. It was only a … Continue Reading

There are long days, and then there are long, rainy days with three children under the age of 4 in your house. I’ll let you take one guess as to which one feels longer. And when days feel long, sometimes The Rules go out the window, in the interest of keeping everyone in the house … Continue Reading