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Hello, friends.

Reporting to you tonight live from the trenches, where I am currently sheltering in a corner of my house while FIVE–count ’em, FIVE–children literally tear my house to shreds, I bring you today’s edition of “Get Familiar.”

It’s a fun little trip around the internet where you get to read about some cool stuff, and I get to pretend that my house will still be standing after this.

(Illustrated with a picture of me from Once Upon a Time, because we all like to fondly recall the days when we showered.)

Here we go!


  • A song whose lyrics go:


Want them to cover my gut.

Mom jeans all day,

Why you mad?”

…and is about “thunder thighs” will make my day, any day. It will make yours, too. Here is the summer hit song you didn’t see coming.

  • Is the key to a lasting and satisfying relationship reinventing oneself–in this case–every seven years? Hey, if Dr. Oz says so, I’m in.
  • The “Sugar Baby” dating experience. Are we appalled by it? Or enthralled by it? I can’t stop reading either way.

“But it wasn’t until she saw decapitated bodies in the street that Dana realised she herself had to escape. Leaving in the middle of the night, she walked for 10 hours with her two young children, carrying Salam, who was two by this point, most of the way. “His legs are too little to walk so far,” she explained. Then she paid smugglers to put them in a boat and prayed it would reach Greece without sinking.”

  • A powerful reminder that we parents are responsible for our kids’ first impressions of themselves. Make them good.
  • Potato, po-tah-toe. In my humble (conspiracy-theory-loving) opinion, both are secret spy devices to be manipulated at will by the government to tap into your home. (They would hear lots of conversations about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and requests for mac and cheese in our house.) Apple’s HomePod vs. Amazon’s Echo.

Okay, that’s it for now! The kids are now in the bathtub and literally flooding the bathroom.

That is not a joke.

Got to go.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. This is all she has time to type this time around because, as seen above, her kids are flooding her bathroom. Right now.
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