Berry Lips for Spring

I distinctly remember the arrival of spring up North, not so much for the look or even feel of the changed weather, but because of the smell of it…

…a mix of fresh grass and baseball infield dirt and the explosion of six–no, nine–months’-worth of kids’ pent-up craziness.

It’s kinda awesome.

Even though I adore everything about living in Orlando, I do find myself missing the anticipation of the change of seasons. You really have to work for your sunshine up north; and for that reason, you appreciate it so much more. Down here we get no frost (usually), but our spring weather starts somewhere in… oh… the beginning of time and ends somewhere near infinity. Plus a year. Which is to say we are quite spring-y all the time.

But whether you’ve earned your spring sunshine or you’re enjoying it year-round like we Floridians do, there are some universally awesome things about this time of year, like a reason to switch up your wardrobe and beauty routines to reflect a little bit of the vibrancy that’s blooming outside once again.

And you know what I think? I think ringing in spring with a pop of color is just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s a roundup of some shades I’m loving for spring!

L to R:

Beautycounter Intense Lip Color in Little Black Dress

Beautycounter Intense Lip Color in Coral

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Secret Salma

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Supersize Me





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2 thoughts on “Berry Lips for Spring

  1. I’m all about the Beautycounter First date and BC Red right now! Lipstick always makes me feel like I have my crap together even when that’s so far from the truth!!

    • Good choices! I ?? First Date too. Reminds me of a spring tulip. Their whole Color Intense collection is hitting it out of the park, right?

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