“Mama” Ring

How sweet is this? I would love glancing down at my hand and remembering my favorite job in the world. 🙂

Fringe Earrings

These come in so many different colors, and they’re a great statement piece for an otherwise simple outfit. I would pair these with a basic tee, great belt and cute high-waisted jeans and wedges.

Body Set (Scrub, Body Butter and Makeup Bag)

This body scrub is literally made of sugar and feels just as delicious on your body as it smells. I used this body butter throughout my pregnancy too, and it is just thick and whipped divinity. Great value too!

Polka Dot Dinner Plates

Moms have to cook. A lot. (It kinda comes with the job description.) These would be perfect for casual company and especially for any outdoor cookouts coming up this summer!


No mom will ever turn down something that is comfortable and soft. Ever. See also: sweatpants.

Cashmere Travel Set with Eye Cover and Throw

For moms who travel a lot for work, how chic is this cashmere throw and eye cover set? On the flight back home she can get some rest and gear back up for her other job–being an awesome mom. (She’ll need more energy for that.)

Cityscape Pencil and Pen Cup

I love little flourishes that give a home office some personality. Think of how cute this would be sitting out on a desk in her workspace. Also houses crayons beautifully!

Mamacita Tank

Okay, this is just plain cute.


Have you traveled with children lately? I’m more inclined to say you need a tribe of sherpas and a portable buffet to really cover all your bases, but a backpack that fits a crap-ton of stuff and manages to look adorable while you wear it will also get the job done.

I have a Herschel backpack the I use all the time when we fly with the kids. I love it!