There are long days, and then there are long, rainy days with three children under the age of 4 in your house. I’ll let you take one guess as to which one feels longer. And when days feel long, sometimes The Rules go out the window, in the interest of keeping everyone in the house … Continue Reading

Here are eight words I’ll never forget: “It looks like you got hit with buckshot.” The person who said to me may as well have actually shot me, it hurt that bad. So what was this jerk—errrrr, person—talking about? My skin. I had just stepped out of my dermatologist’s office at age 21. My forehead … Continue Reading

Looking to spring clean your beauty collection? How about trying something a little cleaner? Full disclosure: The term “clean” for beauty products is much debated. Some companies use it to advertise products that are free of parabens only; others use that term to mean their products are free of a sweeping list of ingredients. (For … Continue Reading

As I careen further toward D (Delivery) Day, I am finding more comfort in the little moments of my days. And let’s be real. Little moments are about all I can string together while chasing around the very active Duo of Munchkins (4- and a 2-year-olds tend to be like that), all while lugging around an extra 40 … Continue Reading

Flying in the face of all the simplifying I’ve been doing to not only my beauty routine, but also every other aspect of my life these days, there is one spot where I’ve added something extra. And I’ve gotta say, I kinda love it. Have you ever tried an essence? Not a toner, not a … Continue Reading

  “I heard it’s better than the Beautyblender.” Those words alone, uttered by the head of the PR agency running The Makeup Show Orlando, were enough to send me pushing through aisles of lipstick-stained makeup hounds in search of The Makeup Drop booth. As anyone who uses foundation regularly knows, application is just as important … Continue Reading

Hey guys! I spent part of the afternoon at The Makeup Show Orlando today, and got a sneak peek at some new Make Up For Ever products that will be debuting soon! They’re part of MUFE’s HD makeup collection, and anyone who has used this line before, you have to check this out! In the interest … Continue Reading

Hey guys! We interrupt this Pukey Friday to bring you some BIG news if you’re in the Orlando area and area as beauty product-obsessed as I am. The Makeup Show Orlando is in town this weekend! This is something that anyone with an affinity for the beauty industry should definitely check out. We’re talking booths … Continue Reading

“TV lady hair.” It’s a phrase that, years ago, meant Helmet Head and all sorts of other sprayed-in-place styles that were just, well, NO. These days, my TV sisters and I have thankfully veered back into the more natural-looking styles that can work just as well on the small screen (as we tell you all … Continue Reading

Here it is—Part Two of my Beautycounter review! And this post contains information on getting FREE beauty products, so keep on reading! After two weeks of using a variety of Beautycounter products, I’m so happy to bring you my thoughts on this Beauty Tuesday. Enjoy! Nourishing Cream Cleanser I have been trending toward gentler cleansers lately, … Continue Reading