Step right up!! Come one, come all, to the Shitshow also known as My House! Ladies, gentlemen, and all those with a penchant for utter chaos–witness the wonder that gathers under this tent!¬†Come now, and feast your gaze upon the sheer Crazy. Gaze upon the spit-smeared windows. Gawk at the gargantuan piles of Legos! Feel … Continue Reading

*** You gotta kinda love that quote. ūüėČ Let’s talk about gossip. It’s the ultimate double edged sword: How delicious it feels to wield it, but how it stings when that blade is turned on us. If we’re being honest, we’ve all been on both sides of that sword. Today, someone made a comment about … Continue Reading

One of the sweetest ways to welcome a new baby is with a gorgeous birth announcement. Sure, you can announce your little one’s arrival on social media, but there’s¬†something about holding a picture in your hand that makes it that much better. (Plus, last I checked you can’t put a Facebook photo on a magnet … Continue Reading

This weekend we did what any sane parents who need a little relaxation but who also know that packing up three kids and two adults for longer than a couple¬†days is¬†straight bonkers¬†would do–a staycation. Can you tell we are fans of The Staycation? It’s kinda our thing. That’s what living in the most-frequented city in … Continue Reading

It’s Father’s Day weekend! Just wanted to check in and say that I hope you and the fatherly figures in your life are celebrating. On this blog and in the world, we give moms a lot of the credit for all the kid- and family-related work, but dads are toiling away in the background and … Continue Reading

Remember–in the times before iPads and smart phones–when summer was dedicated to swimming pools, idle time, dripping ice cream cones and juicy slices of watermelon? Remember catching lightning bugs and putting them in jars? Staying out so late that your sunburn already melted into a perfect golden brown tan by the time you actually headed … Continue Reading

***   Join¬†me on a journey, my friends. Allow me to set the stage. It is 2am. You are standing in a drafty hospital room, naked except for a paper-thin robe. A nurse just finished sticking you with a needle and popping one of a¬†vein in one of your hands. (Surprisingly painful.) You haven’t slept … Continue Reading

Nope, I haven’t forgotten about you or this blog! Currently I’m working on keeping my new tiny human alive, and I’m also writing up the story of the baby’s birth. Can’t wait to share with you all what happened there. Expect it in the next day or two! Meantime, because there needs to be no … Continue Reading

Hey guys! Wanted to check in, because it’s been a little while since my last post. I promise, this is about to change! It’s been a week since we welcomed little Sicilia to our family, and so far, the big kids seem to absolutely love her! I’m sure it helped that we welcomed her by … Continue Reading

  This past Saturday, as Andrew and I racked our brains during round one of The Great Search for Something to Entertain the Kids, we settled on driving to a park in a town about a half hour from our home. Our¬†original plan was to go to the mall, but with the weather at 72 … Continue Reading