There are lots of things that I had to adjust to when I moved from Pittsburgh to Florida. The obvious: I said goodbye to almost all of my family, who still live in Pittsburgh, which was tough. I also said goodbye to most of my winter wardrobe—and gladly, for the most part. But I had to … Continue Reading

Ask any mom: One of the most fun and rewarding things about giving birth to a tiny human is dressing said tiny human in their early years. This may or may not involve forcing them to don matching bright yellow shirts with baggy overalls and strange goggles and forcing them to go out in public. … Continue Reading

Do you think it’s some sort of survival instinct that I am looking past the (likely incredibly painful, potentially reallllly long) process of actual childbirth and planning already for the months beyond it? Because for some reason, all I could think about this weekend, even as this little bundle is still trying to make her … Continue Reading

Well, we are officially 18 days away from our due date (!!!), and here we are at that familiar stage in pregnancy where we can’t wait to meet our tiny person, but we are also simultaneously terrified to meet said tiny person because of all the work we know is ahead. I figured now is as good a … Continue Reading

Despite the title of this post, I’m not singing The Fresh Prince theme song over here. The “relaxin” I’m talking about has nothing to do with shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. It does, however, have something to do with pushing a basketball-sized baby out of my body in a few short weeks. …Wait, is … Continue Reading

Every day as a mom of two, I’m blessed to be spoiled with hugs and kisses (and sometimes smeared in Nutella and peanut butter, but that’s neither here nor there) by my babies. Those small moments, thank God, are in no short supply in our home. But you know what moms never have enough of? … Continue Reading

One of the many things lots of people associate Florida with is the beach and sunshine. And rightfully so. It’s rarely not vacation weather here, no matter the time of year, and while not all of us live along the beach, most are within reasonable driving distance. We are. But it’s rare I muster up the courage … Continue Reading

Is that too morbid a title? Anyhow… Good morning, and happy Friday, friends! Is there any time of the week that’s more suited to comfort wear than the weekend?! That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to yet another awesome find I came across.   I think they may be the softest pants I have ever … Continue Reading

Want to improve your mile time? Try putting shoes on a toddler every day, several times a day, for a few months. You’ll be doing laps around your house and whittle down to like a 6:30 mile in no time flat. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to be sedentary and slovenly (comme moi!), check … Continue Reading

Not gonna lie… I’m impressed at their expediency. ? After my little tongue-in-cheek diatribe, my favorite store wrote a little response on my Facebook page: I’m grateful they heard us out! And as I said in my response to them, I do recognize fashion has to strike a balance sometimes between aspirational and attainable. But … Continue Reading