There are several things I do when I go home to Pittsburgh in the summer: 1 – Take my shoes off and feel real grass under my feet again–actual soft, won’t-slice-open-your-toes, Northern grass. 2 – Sit in the cool basement and vegetate. (Because that’s another thing we don’t have in Florida–basements.) 3 – Consume ALL THE … Continue Reading

So. I had a post all planned and ready to go up today, and then my friend Nicole dropped off the most amazing biscotti on my front porch (because Italians do awesome things like drop off delicious homemade food to your doorstep, unsolicited), and it threw the most delicious and crunchy wrench into my plans … Continue Reading

Look. I’m 100% Italian, and let me start off by saying my two  grandmothers are likely simultaneously rolling over in their graves as I post this. Every Sunday of my life for the first 18 years of my life, we ate dinner at my grandma’s house where she would have made homemade sauce, meatballs, sauce meat, and would … Continue Reading

Breaking News!!! Sometimes kids don’t like eating vegetables, or anything else good for them, for that matter. That’s when we find creative ways to sneak them into other things they like. And that was the genesis of this smoothie. It’s my totally made-up creation that has now officially worked for us for three years and … Continue Reading

The holidays are synonymous with decadent food, and what’s more decadent than a delicious Christmas cookie, or maybe ten? This recipe has been in my family for literally generations. We are the fourth generation making these cookies. That either says something about our family’s ability to preserve tradition or our propensity for treats. You decide. I’m … Continue Reading

Well, friends, another Thanksgiving is in the books. How many weeks til our waistlines recover? 😀   This year was the first I hosted my family and friends, and I don’t mind saying—despite the days-long preparation and exhaustion—I think we nailed it.  I’m not saying it was a five-star meal, but we got good reviews … Continue Reading

Pasta has always been, hands down, my favorite food. You don’t grow up in an Italian family without consuming your weight in carbs weekly.   On that note, I wanted to share a super simple recipe that I make often for our family. Even the kids like the sausage and noodles from this one! Hope … Continue Reading