Babies are like bad rental tenants. They move into a pristine place, then proceed to tear down the wallpaper, scratch the hardwood, dent the baseboards and then on the way out be all, “What? What did I do so wrong?!” The difference between a house and a body is that it takes a lot less time to … Continue Reading

These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out. Which is to say, it ain’t happening anytime soon. And today when I dragged myself and my milk-stained pajamas out of bed and into the bathroom for the 30th time or so since … Continue Reading

The true test of an effective workout for me these days is:   1 – Can I complete it in an hour or less? 2 – Does it have on-site child care? 3 – Does it keep me in good enough shape to chase around two monsters? 4 – Can I shop afterward at an … Continue Reading

As I careen further toward D (Delivery) Day, I am finding more comfort in the little moments of my days. And let’s be real. Little moments are about all I can string together while chasing around the very active Duo of Munchkins (4- and a 2-year-olds tend to be like that), all while lugging around an extra 40 … Continue Reading

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Blonde, today, and one of her most recent posts titled “What Brings You Joy?” As I clicked through and read the inspiration behind the post, I learned more about a philosophy that I thought was so interesting, I had to share it. “Thin Slices of … Continue Reading

It was as I was walking The Green Mile toward the scale at my 31-week appointment that I considered, briefly, tearing off my sneakers to knock off a few pounds from the final tally. Nah, I thought. Don’t be ridiculous, Sonni. No one cares what you weigh, and all you need to worry about is … Continue Reading