*** You gotta kinda love that quote. 😉 Let’s talk about gossip. It’s the ultimate double edged sword: How delicious it feels to wield it, but how it stings when that blade is turned on us. If we’re being honest, we’ve all been on both sides of that sword. Today, someone made a comment about … Continue Reading

Hey all! So the family and I are preparing for a trip back up north to Pittsburgh, my hometown, and I can’t wait. A funny thing happens when you move as an adult, especially when all the Big Things in your life happened in your hometown–born; raised; all levels of school, including college; first job. No … Continue Reading

Have you seen the kid’s party that is taking the internet by storm? A 3-year-old insisted on Poop as the theme for her 3rd birthday party. Take a quick look. I’ll wait here.   With a quick read of the above-linked article, you’ll see that Mom tried to encourage other party ideas, but little Audrey … Continue Reading

I was looking at one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Blonde, today, and one of her most recent posts titled “What Brings You Joy?” As I clicked through and read the inspiration behind the post, I learned more about a philosophy that I thought was so interesting, I had to share it. “Thin Slices of … Continue Reading

During a naptime Facebook scroll, I came across this article in The Inquisitr, and I nearly threw the glass baby bottle I was holding against the wall. If you don’t care to click through and read, let me summarize: Lady Gaga’s “belly steals the show” at the Super Bowl, because… wait for it… it’s there. It takes … Continue Reading

There is some sort of cosmic button that is pushed in your soul the second you have a child. I’ve talked to other moms who feel the same way. It’s like someone flips over the egg timer inside you, and every minute that used to slip by so unnoticed is so, well, there. In the beginning, … Continue Reading

  I’m not big on change. I mean, really, who is? The new year, however, provides us with the perfect opportunity to try—even in baby steps—something new that challenges us, and may make us better in the end. Also, there’s no way I’m trying any of this stuff the more pregnant I get, so why … Continue Reading

Well, friends, it’s here. New Year’s Eve. The day we kiss goodbye to another calendar year, look forward to what’s next, and look back on where we’ve come over the past 365 days. 2016, for me, was a hell of a year. It was a year of change. I stepped away from my career in TV … Continue Reading

It stands about 35 feet tall. Full, verdant and positively regal. Turning the corner of the sidewalk into my parents’ backyard, you would think that pine tree had been there for generations.   It started off looking much different.   I must have been 8 or 9 that Christmas when my sister and I insisted … Continue Reading

When you find yourself at a crossroads, with a decision to make, but you don’t know what direction is best, just be still. Get quiet, get outside and just breathe. I promise, your answer is deep down in your heart, just waiting to come out.   I hope today you take a moment to listen … Continue Reading