These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out. Which is to say, it ain’t happening anytime soon. And today when I dragged myself and my milk-stained pajamas out of bed and into the bathroom for the 30th time or so since … Continue Reading

After the birth of our son, our first child, there was an actual worn path in the nursery room carpet, in the shape of a Figure 8 from the hours and hours I would spend pacing, trying to get him to sleep. Let’s just say he was a baby who needed to be coaxed. We followed … Continue Reading

Are you sick of reading posts about motherhood and kids yet? Ugh. Even I’m kind of sick of it. But sorry. Here we go again. Because even though I swore that my next post wouldn’t be all mommy, navel-gaze-y, self-relfection, mumbo jumbo crap, I found this article. And it kinda knocked my socks off. Even … Continue Reading

He put his hand over my heart. “Is this where love lives?” It was dark outside, well past my 4-year-old son’s bedtime, and we were crammed into his twin bed, nose to nose. He was in that very distinct stage of not-quite-sleep where all the silliness wanes and the sweetness surfaces. It was only a … Continue Reading

*** What if someone told you, new mom, that there could be a way to get more sleep at night with your newborn or infant, no fussing or crying necessary? And what if all you needed was just your boobs and your bed? Breastsleeping, according to one expert, could be your answer. In fact, some … Continue Reading

Hi friends! Here we are, two weeks into raising our third baby, and I find myself going through a lot of the same emotions and routines that I did with our first two kids. True, each baby is different, but the process of discovering the tricks that work best with your new baby is a … Continue Reading

***   Join me on a journey, my friends. Allow me to set the stage. It is 2am. You are standing in a drafty hospital room, naked except for a paper-thin robe. A nurse just finished sticking you with a needle and popping one of a vein in one of your hands. (Surprisingly painful.) You haven’t slept … Continue Reading

Guys! What’s up! What’s new? What did I miss?! Just emerging from my newborn-head-sniffing craze over here to check in. Yes, we’re alive. Yes, we’re elated. And yes, we are crazier than ever. And you guys, I can’t wait to bring you up to speed on our birth story. All I will say is there was … Continue Reading

On a scale from 1-10, how weird is it that I am writing this from my hospital bed, 10cm dilated and getting ready to push? 10. Yes. Of course! Moving on. Well, I got my epidural so I am loving life (and my anesthesiologist), and I can’t sleep because, well, you know, the whole about to … Continue Reading

Like snowflakes, like fingerprints, and like trips to Target with multiple toddlers, no two motherhood experiences are the same. Continuing our Motherhood Series (you can check out Part One here), this time we hear from two other women on what motherhood revealed to them. In all the good and the challenging, we celebrate you, mamas! … Continue Reading