So. Let’s talk baby stuff. No, not how they get here, or why we love them so much, but rather, all the actual stuff that we parents are expected to buy to welcome these kids into the world. Is there any demographic easier to market to than a hormonal, physically- and emotionally-exhausted woman? Um NOPE. Shame on … Continue Reading

Step right up!! Come one, come all, to the Shitshow also known as My House! Ladies, gentlemen, and all those with a penchant for utter chaos–witness the wonder that gathers under this tent! Come now, and feast your gaze upon the sheer Crazy. Gaze upon the spit-smeared windows. Gawk at the gargantuan piles of Legos! Feel … Continue Reading

*** Thank God for Steve Jobs. More specifically, thank God for Apple, which made the iPhone, which has built-in voice dictation, which I use no less than 75% of the time to do just about everything in my life. I’m talking about responding to text messages, writing emails, and writing blog posts. Yes, I’m that … Continue Reading

I spent the morning in Target (because it is a day ending in “y,” and also #summertime, and #3kidsunder4), and a funny thing occurred to me, as I swept past the toy section with my three kids–desperately trying, and failing, to distract them from the sea of plastic we were passing.   One preternaturally calm … Continue Reading

I would sure love to tell you that the title of this post is a lie, meant to get you to click on this article. But… nope. Before I tell you the mental short circuit that led to the above-mentioned moment, let me assure you that she’s all good. They were bamboo sharks, which if … Continue Reading

Just another day in TOTALLY CHAOTIC paradise ***   I have a confession. My kids are slowly destroying our house, one flooded bathroom floor and lipstick-painted rug at a time. As I write this, my daughter is digging Nutella from the jar with a Lego and eating it. She is failing mightily at actually getting … Continue Reading

Ask any mom: One of the most fun and rewarding things about giving birth to a tiny human is dressing said tiny human in their early years. This may or may not involve forcing them to don matching bright yellow shirts with baggy overalls and strange goggles and forcing them to go out in public. … Continue Reading

So. Baby wearing. Let’s talk about it. I can’t say that in the past I’ve ever been a fan. It’s not that it’s not perfectly adorable and kinda sweet; it’s just that all the carriers that friends recommended to me made me feel less “Chic New Mom” and more “Slipped Disc Waiting to Happen.” After … Continue Reading

These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out. Which is to say, it ain’t happening anytime soon. And today when I dragged myself and my milk-stained pajamas out of bed and into the bathroom for the 30th time or so since … Continue Reading

After the birth of our son, our first child, there was an actual worn path in the nursery room carpet, in the shape of a Figure 8 from the hours and hours I would spend pacing, trying to get him to sleep. Let’s just say he was a baby who needed to be coaxed. We followed … Continue Reading