Probably because every free minute I have these days, I’m parked on the bed (hello, Pregnancy Back Pains!), I’m doing a lot of browsing online these days. This is good for distraction, and bad for my wallet. I have a few of the items pictured in this collage, and as for the rest, I’m just … Continue Reading

Quick: Pick the city you least associate with the words “relaxing, chill and laid back.” Did you guess York City? Because yes. Despite the fact that I’m hauling around an extra 25 pounds these days and usually take the first opportunity to melt into the nearest couch or chair, when it came to spending some … Continue Reading

#1 Because I revel in irony–particularly in the realm of politics, where sanctimony is served for breakfast, lunch and dinner–please enjoy this. Imagine: A politician criticizing another politician for doing something, and then getting caught doing it him/herself. Imma just leave this right here. #2 Good on you, First Lady. *fist bump* #3 It’s official, … Continue Reading

Hello, class! Today, we are talking about vaginas. … Are you still there? Great! Chances are, that means you are a mom, a not-easily-grossed-out baby daddy (hello, all three of you!), or you’re just into reading about super-important-but-kinda-gory stuff. Whichever you are, welcome! Today we are talking about a topic that so many moms want … Continue Reading

Hey guys! Hope you all are taking time to relax now that the weekend is here. Just a peek into what we did this past (busy) week!                 See you all soon!

Now that we covered what I like to cover up the face, let’s move northward on the face to.. the eyes!   Again, this is just a list of what I like, what I’ve found is made well, delivers, and—in my opinion at least—is worth your money. So, on that note, onward!   NARS Hardwired … Continue Reading

All I have the energy to type out right now is, I am so tired. At 16.5 weeks, I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be over the exhaustion part, yet somehow, I’m not. So today I present to you a self-portrait of Pathetic:     I’ll be back with more tomorrow, when I will have … Continue Reading

You didn’t think we were going to leave out the shopping, did you? 😀   Hope you enjoy our final installation of our tour of the gorgeous Four Seasons Resort Orlando tour, where we got some time with the personal shopper and manager from their incredible on-property boutique clothing and accessories shop, Wardrobe. Guys, seriously, … Continue Reading

Welcome back to the work week! Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful… Now time to get back to the grind! So excited to share with you guys Part Three of my Four Seasons Resort Orlando visit, where I got to check out my favorite place in any given hotel–the spa!   Enjoy, and see you … Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Here’s  Part Two of my tour of the Four Seasons Resort Orlando, in which I reconnect with my inner child and absolutely kill a waterslide. Oh man. Why I waited a decade to enjoy this fantastic contraption since the last time, I don’t know. What I DO know, next time I’m near another waterslide–hairstyle and … Continue Reading