*** Thank God for Steve Jobs. More specifically, thank God for Apple, which made the iPhone, which has built-in voice dictation, which I use no less than 75% of the time to do just about everything in my life. I’m talking about responding to text messages, writing emails, and writing blog posts. Yes, I’m that … Continue Reading

You guys, I had such a great experience at BlogHer here in Orlando today. I couldn’t go to more than one day’s worth of events (#childcareissues #momlife), but today I got to listen to and speak with some incredible, smart and motivated women who made me more excited about than ever this new journey that … Continue Reading

“It ain’t ditch diggin’.” That’s my all-time favorite quote about working as an anchor in television news. My all-time favorite co-anchor would say it every time we or another anchor would complain about something we had on our plates for the day. I mean, honestly. What’s more annoying than hearing a well-compensated television news anchor … Continue Reading

On this part of my tour of The Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida, I got a delicious taste of the menu at their signature restaurant, Hamilton’s Kitchen. What you don’t get to see on video is me scarfing down every last bite of these dishes. Guys, it was THAT good. A huge and special thank … Continue Reading

Since I started blogging, I came to realize–very quickly–the importance of photography. As much as the words matter, the pictures matter, too. So that’s why I started an unofficial photography course as of today. As of now, I know how to press the button. ? I kid. But if you have any tips on the … Continue Reading

I knew at some point it would happen, and today it did. When talking with a woman I’ve known for years asked how I was doing “not working,” and I said, “Great!” I got The Look. The “You Gotta Be Kidding Me, Lady” look. My well-meaning friend, I’m sure, didn’t mean to look at me … Continue Reading