NuRoo Baby Products that Make Your Life Easier and a Major DISCOUNT Offer!

After the birth of our son, our first child, there was an actual worn path in the nursery room carpet, in the shape of a Figure 8 from the hours and hours I would spend pacing, trying to get him to sleep.

Let’s just say he was a baby who needed to be coaxed. We followed the Five S’s from Dr. Harvey Karp to try to get him down on at least 16 separate occasions a day, during which he would nap for a maximum of 9 minutes each time.


But that’s for another post.

Anyhow, as a big believer in the power of swaddling, I tried lots of options to keep the baby wrapped tight. The problem was, when that swaddle became, well, un-swaddled, all hell broke loose. And by all hell, I mean my baby.

Well, fast forward a few years, and now there is a product out there that makes swaddling so easy, even the walking dead (aka New Parents) can’t screw it up, not even at 3 AM.

The baby product company NuRoo was kind enough to send me some of their awesome products, all of which are designed to make a baby feel snug and safe in his or her early days. And I’m so thrilled to not only share with you my thoughts on them, but to also offer you guys a 25% discount on ALL their products!*

Okay, first up is their basic swaddle. It really is as easy to use as it looks. You lay the swaddle down, put the baby in the pouch, and then Velcro across his/her chest one side at a time. Voilà. Snuggled (and happy) baby.

Swaddled baby = Happy baby


If you’re more in the baby carrier in camp, they also have an awesome T-shirt carrier that they call the NuRoo Pocket (seen here in short sleeve). And yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

Made of soft breathable cotton, all you do is snuggle the baby against you, and then fasten across the baby’s back, and clip on a belt below that holds baby in place.

This would be perfect for the mom who wants to keep baby close, but doesn’t want the weight or heft of a typical baby carrier. I really liked the feel of this one!


And finally, anyone who has had to nurse in public before knows that finding functional but cute accessories to make that possible can seem, well, impossible. That’s why I really dig this nursing scarf. As you can see, I chose the white and gray striped option, which goes so well with just about anything. The fabric on this is also super-soft, and it looks really cute even if you leave it on between nursing sessions.

If you want to try any of these NuRoo products for yourself, or anything else they have to offer on their site, get 25% off ALL purchases by using the code:


…at checkout.

Go forth and chase that elusive New Parent Sleep, my friend!

Have you tried any NuRoo products? Have any other baby product favorites you’d like to share? I’m all ears!

P.S. Even moms have to be “born,” why I have officially found my dream date and one more way to maybe get some more sleep with your new baby.

*Discount is valid on all products except bundles. Promotional samples were provided for my honest and unbiased review.
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