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in Motherhood

Just Another Day

Today I present, with limited commentary, a brief pictorial of motherhood. The featured picture? That is my son’s handprint. In Nutella. On my upholstered chair. As for the other picture here, that is what you think it is, where you think it is, which is to say, NOT where it…

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in Beauty

Beauty VIPs, Skincare Edition!

Let me start this post off by making an admission. Well, actually two. First, the featured image on this post is my top drawer. It’s disgusting and I’m #sorrynotsorry. Second, as evidenced by said picture, I am a product—but especially skin care product—JUNKIE. There are very few lines I haven’t tried…

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in Family, Food

Chocolatey Christmas Goodness

The holidays are synonymous with decadent food, and what’s more decadent than a delicious Christmas cookie, or maybe ten? This recipe has been in my family for literally generations. We are the fourth generation making these cookies. That either says something about our family’s ability to preserve tradition or our…

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in Family, Motherhood

Elf it.

So often we put pressure on ourselves as mothers to do and be it all, often times all at once, and ultimately to our own detriment.   The endless to-dos of the holiday season only exacerbate our already-high stress levels, and more often than not, we run ourselves ragged and…

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