Just me. And a palm tree. And my phone.

Who would have ever thought that a long distance blind date almost ten years ago now would lead to one thing I never thought I would call myself–a Florida Girl.

That’s right; this Pittsburgh native has been converted to a full-on sunshine-loving, winter-fearing, palm-tree-loving, AC-seeking Sunshine State Gal.

And for the record, that saying you hear about your blood thinning when you move to warmer climes is actually just a myth, per “science and all,” but per my freakishly wimpy behavior when confronted these days with any temperature below 65 degrees, I say IT’S REAL, PEOPLE.

Inspired by my love of all things palm, and because there is always a reason to pick up a few palm-inspired pieces just in time for summer vacation, I found some adorable palm print pieces that would look adorable in any climate!



And a quick note: How absolutely adorable are these credenzas? I want every single one of them. It’s a shame our house is already decorated, or I may have to find a place for one of these in every single room. (Seriously, check out the rest of them. All perfect.)



Sonni Abatta is a writer, mom of three, wife, and Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. She is also about to go move some furniture around her house to make room for all of the credenzas in this post. Shh. Don’t tell her husband.
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