Happy Thanksgiving, guys! Are you somewhere between the first and eleventh course yet? Or have I caught you before your meal, while all your nieces and nephews are tearing your house to shreds and you’re furiously whipping the mashed potatoes?

No matter how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you and your loved ones have a great time and remember the important things to be thankful for–family, friends, health and love. And may you enjoy all of those blessings in abundance.

May you also do some shopping. 😀

Because honestly, what good is there in celebrating this season without indulging a little, not only in your diet, but also with your shopping?

Thankfully for us, stores are doing some major sales as always, and I’ve found some awesome pieces at great prices that I wanted to share with you all. I have two retailers here and hope to post more in the next couple days, so check back!



Booties – $120 and Under


If there is one essential item for your foot wardrobe, it is the bootie.

I’m a huge fan of a low heel, since they are so comfortable to wear whilst chasing three crazily-energetic small people. And these are the ones that I’m loving this season. (I personally wear the Joie ones all the time.)

And just in time for Black Friday, Nordstrom is slashing prices on some adorable styles.

All the options below are $120 and under! Check them out!



Sweaters – $50 and Under


These are all beautiful, comfortable and under $50. Seriously, what more could you want out of a sweater?!


Crossbody Bags – $100 and Under


I am all about the crossbody bag; it’s honestly the only kind of bag I keep with me all the time these days. You can fit in a decent amount of items without overstuffing it, which is exactly what I tend to do when I have a larger bag. Here are some super cute options, all under $100!


Dresses – $100 and Under


Gorgeous picks for holiday parties and more!




This classic line has pumped some new life into their designs, and I, for one, am loving some of the stuff I’m seeing. Recently when I needed a new crossbody bag, I dropped by the Coach store at the Mall at Millenia here in Orlando and had my friend Jess (ask for her if you drop in and tell her I sent you! 😀 ) help me find the perfect bag that is light enough to sling over my shoulder, but still has lots of space.

I ended up with the new Drifter bag from Coach, and I love it, big time. I highly recommend this one for all of my mama friends!

And guess what?! It’s on sale right now! This gorgeous light brown color is under $200!

My favorite thing about Coach is that you get to customize parts of your bag. With this style, I had my tags stamped with the kids’ initials, so every time I glance down and see it, I smile. They also have tons of cute symbols to choose from, so you can customize it just to your liking!


If this style isn’t your thing, there are tons more options on major sale right HERE!

And here are some other gorgeous purse options, all under $150:


Enjoy your Thanksgiving, everyone! Thank you so much for being here; I’m so grateful to call you friends. 🙂