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Sonni TV: How I Deal With Mom Guilt

In retrospect–and with a 5, 3 and 1 year old under my belt as my experience, so I guess not all that much experience, but certainly plenty enough to have some perspective–I can say that the moments I experienced any level of mom guilt have all been wasted moments.

VIDEO: A Quick Trip Back Home

It’s always fun to do things you’ve never done before, especially in your own hometown. I’ve done just about everything there is to do that tourist-y and fun in Pittsburgh, having been born and raised there, but there apparently was one fun thing that I missed in my 28 years there…

This is Why Moms Don't Wear Makeup*

(*usually). Sometimes you get the crazy idea in your head that it is, in fact, possible to put on a full face of makeup with three young kids in the house. And then, you realize that you are a fool. A complete and utter fool.

10 Things

So you may have seen it on my stories if you follow me on Instagram, but we went to the Indianapolis 500 with some family this past weekend, and I think I’m just now getting back on track with sleep and our schedules since getting home early Monday morning.

Moms I Love from Afar: Ellie Knaus from Atomic Moms

If you are anything like me, you’ve got a crap-ton of imaginary friends.
My imaginary friends aren’t “imaginary” in the sense that they don’t exist; rather, they’re imaginary in the sense that they’ve never met me.

Guess Where We're Not?

Today we found out that some sprinklers need to be fixed, there are shards of roofing littering the yard (no bueno for all the little bare feet that will be running about), the glass on the master shower is missing, and some other little things still need tweaking.

You Can Take the Girl Out of TV News...

If you’re new to this site and don’t know my backstory, I worked for 15 years in television, 13 of them in local news, reporting and anchoring on local and national news.