Baby Wearing with the Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier

So. Baby wearing. Let’s talk about it.

I can’t say that in the past I’ve ever been a fan.

It’s not that it’s not perfectly adorable and kinda sweet; it’s just that all the carriers that friends recommended to me made me feel less “Chic New Mom” and more “Slipped Disc Waiting to Happen.” After carrying around a baby for nine months on the inside of my body, it never quite appealed to me to strap her back on the outside.

But now that I look back, I think it was due to the fact that the carriers I used just didn’t displace the weight quite properly, which resulted in back pain.

Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve found a carrier that not only is incredibly comfortable for both me and baby, but is also downright adorable.

It’s the Baby Tula Free-to-Grow carrier.





Let’s pause for a moment and appreciate the adorable floral print. Okay, moving on.

This guy is comfortable–padded straps and super soft cotton–and is easy to use, to boot!

Have you ever tried to buckle the back strap on a baby carrier and ended up spinning in circles like a puppy chasing his tail? (not recommended for anyone suffering from sleep deprivation HELLO! or anyone over the age of 10. Because VOMIT.)

That’s what would happen with other carriers I’ve used, but not this one. The buckle is placed high enough that it’s easy to clip, and the waist band is also padded and soft.

I started using my Baby Tula with Sicilia right before the one-month mark. The first time we tried it, she fell asleep. Win!

Some other features on the Free-to-Grow Carrier? It has a removable hood that helps to shield baby’s eyes from the sun (a must-have in Florida), it works for both front-carrying and back-carrying, and most importantly, it’s super comfortable for the wearer, holding baby in the perfect position so as to not cause back pain.





If the carrier isn’t your thing, Baby Tula also carries beautiful woven wraps, blankets, accessories and more. And they’re running a sale right now on some of their older patterns–all adorable! Check it out right here.

Are you a baby wearer? How do you prefer to keep baby close? Let me know in Comments!

See you soon!


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5 thoughts on “Baby Wearing with the Baby Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier”

  1. Please read the manual to your free to grow carrier as the way you are wearing it is very unsafe for your newborn. What is special about the free to grow version is that the panel cinched in both width and height to accommodate a newborn/small infant. There are 3 width settings and it appears you still have it on the widest. You need to adjust the snaps of the panel on the waistband to make it smaller so that your baby’s legs are outside, as well as pull the straps where the shoulder straps meet the panel to shorten the panel. Please refer to your manual or tulas site to learn how to properly adjust your carrier so that it’s safe. When wearing your newborn in this carrier fully extended at the largest size, your baby is not getting any of the proper spinal support.

    1. Thank you so so much for letting me know! I will definitely adjust next time we use. Great information, and thanks again for writing in!

  2. I was wondering about wearing baby like this since I didn’t see anywhere in the instructions that the legs could remain inside the carrier

    1. Yes… Admittedly I did tuck her whole body in there like a little peanut because she was so little (and curled up!) at this point. But it’s always best to follow instructions with the carrier!

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