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Three Natural Toothpastes to Try Today

If you’ve “greened” much of your beauty routine already, the final frontier is oral care. I’ve decided to go fluoride-free for several reasons, the biggest of which is that I’ve found alternatives I feel keep my teeth just as healthy, without the history of debate over ingredient safety. I would never encourage anyone to change up their dental habits if they’re not ready and interested in exploring alternatives. But I can tell you definitively that in the years that I’ve been incorporating my fluoride-free toothpastes into my oral care routine, I’ve gotten no new cavities (while I was using a More


Here's What I Want C-Section Moms to Know

I was recently reminded that April is C-Section Awareness Month. In this incredibly common procedure, though, there can lie so much disappointment. I know, because with my first birth, which was an emergency C-section, that was the case with me.

My work is dedicated to speaking to the modern woman in all of her interests, joys, concerns and dreams.


Thoughts, experiences, interviews with experts to help us muddle through these crazy beautiful days.

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Latest and greatest in beauty products, health trends and everything I’m loving to stay well.

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Everyday fashion and style that can get you through your busiest days looking put-together.

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All the things that make your life and the space you live in just a little bit prettier.

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