10 Resolutions for a Person Who Really Doesn’t Like Resolutions: 2017 Edition

I’m not big on change. I mean, really, who is?

The new year, however, provides us with the perfect opportunity to try—even in baby steps—something new that challenges us, and may make us better in the end.

Also, there’s no way I’m trying any of this stuff the more pregnant I get, so why not start now? On that wildly optimistic note, here are 10 Easy Enough Resolutions for the New Year. Feel free to take ‘em, change ‘em, or make ‘em your own.

1 – I will start using Alerts on my iPhone calendar.

I’m good about putting stuff in my calendar on my phone; I’m just not good at actually remembering that I put stuff on the calendar. Therefore, I don’t remember. Therefore, I don’t do it. Therefore, I look like a complete ass. So, heretofore, I will put an alert in my calendar at THE SAME DAMN TIME I put in an event.

2 – I will go easy on myself if I forget something.

It almost feels like this completely negates the first resolution, but stay with me here… On the soon-to-be-rare occasion (heh) when I actually do forget to do something, I won’t beat myself up about it for weeks on end, like usual. I will remind myself: You are a mother of two toddlers, soon you’ll have 3 kids, and your brain cells have been dying off steadily since your journey into motherhood. It’s not your fault; it’s science.

3 – I will wash the kids’ damn bath mat, or take it out and let it dry properly so it doesn’t get funky and moldy.

We lost a lot of good men out there.

4 – I will continue to donate toys that the kids outgrow.

Rather than let them fester in towering plastic piles in the playroom closet, I will go through them once every couple of months to give away some things. It always feels so good to give, and it clears up some much-needed space in the house.

5 – I will wash at least one load of dirty clothes during the week.

Anyone else feel like their weekends are highjacked by Mt. Laundry? I figure if I do at least one load during the week, I can cut down my misery by like 2% on Saturday and Sunday.

6 – I will not buy any more beauty products until I get through or give away what I have.

I’m not entirely sure I mean this. Moving on.

7 – I will wash my car once a month.

This does not include the daily backseat dusting-out of Goldfish, but rather an actual happening-at-a-car-wash interior vacuum and clean, as well as an exterior wash.

8 – I will book one friends’ weekend per year.

This one never feels quite right when I go to do it. It’s always been tough for me to pull away from the kids for an overnight or two, especially at their young age. But a recent weekend trip alone to see an old friend proved to be just what I needed to recharge my battery and restore (even partially) my sanity.

9 – I will try to work out twice a week.

There are two key words here—“try” and “twice.”

10 – I will print more pictures.

I have 10,000, literally, photos on my iPhone, and have printed approximately 6 in the past year. Assuming at least one of the very likely scenarios that I will 1) drop my phone in some body of water in the near future; 2) forget to download the photos to my computer and lose my phone; or 3) that technology will change so vastly by the time my children are adults that all these precious memories will be lost unless I get my ass on printing some actual paper photos, it is probably best to get on this one, like, yesterday. Open to any and all suggestions of good apps to help with this one!

Well, that’s it, friends! Hit me up and let me know what you’re planning to change or work on in the new year! I love hearing what’s in store for you, too. Talk soon!

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