Belly at the Barre (3)

It was as I was walking The Green Mile toward the scale at my 31-week appointment that I considered, briefly, tearing off my sneakers to knock off a few pounds from the final tally.

Nah, I thought. Don’t be ridiculous, Sonni. No one cares what you weigh, and all you need to worry about is that you and the baby are healthy. The weight is just a number.

Well, that line of thought only applies if your nurse doesn’t then call out your (rapidly-increasing) weight to the entire wing of the doctor’s office like an overly-caffeinated auctioneer at Sotheby’s.

Damn it. Should have taken the shoes off.

High number on the scale or not, the truth is, during pregnancy the priority isn’t what you weigh, but the fact that you and your baby are healthy.

A quick bit of history: In my two previous pregnancies, I didn’t work out, unless you consider my eight nightly trips to the bathroom in my third trimester. Back then, it was due to a lack of time and energy, which I attributed to my exhausting nighttime schedule.

But this time around, I vowed to treat my body a little bit better during these 9 (10) months, and keep myself moving.

I’ve posted before about my love for barre3, and how I’ve found it to be such a great prenatal workout. And today, I want to expand a little bit about why I love it, and why a Prego near you may also enjoy a similar workout.

Just me. Doing barre3 moves. On my living room floor.

1 – It’s low impact.

Barre 3’s website describes the workout like this:

“Rooted in three fitness disciplines—ballet barre, pilates and yoga—barre3 is designed to lift, lengthen, and tone your entire body. Our signature, results-oriented three-step sequence includes an isometric hold, controlled one-inch movements, and functional large range of motion.”

My own description is a tad less technical. I say to inquiring friends, “It’s kind of like Pilates mixed with ballet but with no dance moves and no need for coordination, with also a ton of cardio thrown into the mix.” And also you get to go barefoot. So no pricey sneakers!

As a former competitive runner who craves motion, you get a good combination of heart-pumping cardio, combined with a major dose of core stabilizing and strengthening moves. And there’s no pounding of your legs on pavement, for which I and my rapidly-aging joints are grateful.

2 – The instructors are supremely helpful, and they cater to pregnant ladies.

barre3 instructors are always monitoring the room, keeping an eye on your form, and when needed, gently helping you make adjustments. For the pregnant ladies, they offer multiple alternative moves for the ones you can’t do, and warn you off certain moves that may not be good for your growing belly and body

3 – Calm atmosphere.

You may be into a Mr. T Man-hunk screaming in your face for ONE MORE PULL-UP!!!!! But these days–given that I’m repeatedly screamed at by two toddlers on the regular–I’m more into a gentle nudging. Barre 3 instructors encourage you to listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right, while also reminding you to push yourself to your limits to grow in strength.

4 – Cool gear.

Not sure if this is happening in every barre3 studio, but ours always has the. cutest. clothing. for sale, and on sale, too. This is where I first discovered my love of Alexis Mera leisure pants, and where I also swipe up merchandise from brands like Spiritual Gangster on their sale rack that’s 30% off.

5 – Online workouts and support.

If you’re a member, you get to take advantage of a library of online workouts, health advice, recipes and other wellness tips. It’s truly a community, and this online access means you don’t always have to be in studio to reap the benefits of this great workout.

If you’d like to learn more about a barre3 studio near you, click here!

I’d love to hear how you kept active during your pregnancies! Any other workout you swear by? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback in Comments below!

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