One Brick at a Time

I love being able to share with you all the big milestones in my life.

It’s not my style to shy away from uncomfortable or personal topics, and I love hearing from all of you about everything from motherhood to fashion and beauty products, the work/life “balance” (quotation marks because HELLO, you big lie of a phrase!), and all the other changes and transitions that life doles out.

It’s on that note that I’m so happy to tell you about a big event coming up in my family’s life that will be taking up a whole lot of time and energy over the next year. We’re building a new house!

And while I am fairly competent at some things in life, domestic things like interior design/decoration is not one of them. Seriously, I bow down to you guys who have Pinterest boards hundreds of images deep on hardwood floor stains or wainscoting.

So, over the next nine months to a year, you will see updates on this site about the house–everything from the finishes we’re choosing, to the decor, to the process itself, and even the emotional journey of building our new home. I know it won’t be easy with three young children, but we’ve got a great team in place, a calendar booked full of upcoming meetings, and a whole lotta excitement.

In the meantime, I’d absolutely LOVE to hear from any of you on websites or resources you turned to when redesigning, redecorating or building your home. Send them my way! I’m all ears!

Photography by Katarina Van Winkle.

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