My Newborn & Baby Essentials

Our new bundle isn’t here yet (7 weeks to go!), but I’m already getting ready for those first couple months at home when we will be hunkering down, doing nothing but chilling out and sleeping.

Actually the baby will be doing those things, and I’ll probably be running around crazy  chasing the other two munchkins, but nonetheless…

Here are some things I’m going to be buying to get ready for Baby #3—time tested and approved the first two times around!

Sound Machine

One of the great paradoxes of early parenthood: Make noise to get the baby to sleep. It is so counter-intuitive that it could only be true.

This is the new version of the sound machine we used for both of our babies, and we’ll use it for our new baby girl, too. Makes rain, ocean, heartbeat sounds and more, and it also has a projector that puts moving images up on the ceiling.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Cloths

These are my hands-down favorite when it comes to swaddling a newborn. Large, with the perfect amount of give, and it doesn’t hurt that every design is absolutely adorable. They also make for great car seat covers if you drape one over when your little one is sleeping. And as baby grows, they make the perfect cuddle blanket for nap time!

Unrelated: How does one pronounce “Anais?”

Nail clippers

Ever try to get close to a toddler to cut his nails? Not all the body armor in the world could protect your sternum from the kick it’s about to get. Maybe if I were better about clipping my kiddos’ nails when they were babies, they would be more okay with it now. But in my opinion, these ones are the absolute best. They’re easy to use and curve away from Baby’s delicate little fingers when you’re using them. So much easier to use than the traditional nail clipper. Just be better than I was and actually use them.

The same style of clipper is also available in this super-useful grooming kit.

Gerber Soothe Drops

(or any baby probiotic capsule)

Is it a mind trick? Is it real? I’ll never know. But what I do know is that the fussies seemed to go away when I used these magic drops in a bottle, or opened a probiotic capsule and sprinkle a bit in. If your little one is nursing, you can also put a few drops on your nipple before they nurse. If you’re using the capsules, open them and sprinkle a little in the bottle or before you nurse.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

If you thought I couldn’t possibly cover any topic un-sexier than sprinkling probiotics on your nipples, you were wrong.

When you’re pumping, you gotta store your breast milk, and these ones are the best I’ve used. It might seem strange to see someone with a defintite preference on breast milk bags, but you’ve gotta trust me—these ones are the biggest, store the most milk, are the easiest to open and close and the plastic isn’t all crinkly and stiff, which makes pouring from and into them difficult.


I’d love to hear any newborn or infant baby products you can’t live without! Leave them in Comments below!

(Sonni Abatta is an Orlando mom & lifestyle blogger of 2 who writes about lifestyle and mom-related topics.)

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