It’s the Little Things… and Green Tea. Lots of Green Tea

As I careen further toward D (Delivery) Day, I am finding more comfort in the little moments of my days.

And let’s be real. Little moments are about all I can string together while chasing around the very active Duo of Munchkins (4- and a 2-year-olds tend to be like that), all while lugging around an extra 40 pounds of extra flesh and baby.

After I posted yesterday about the importance of finding joy in our days, I realized it’s the small things in my day that I often find the most pleasure in. And paramount on my list of Favorite Things are food and drinks–specifically, carbs and tea, my two favorite specific types of said categories.

Mmm… Smells like energy

So each morning goes like this: Hot lemon water, then hot green tea. Even though I may not always get to the tea while it’s still hot, I still make sure to have a cup or two a day. Something about the taste of hot green tea instantly soothes me.

You can imagine my sheer joy when I recently popped into a charming shop here in Orlando that serves up every type of tea a fanatic like me could love, and tooooons of awesome skincare and body care products as well. I mean, have I died and gone to Heaven? The answer is yes.

Apothecology, located in Hannibal Square, in Winter Park, FL

The place? Apothecology Spa, in Hannibal Square. Not only do they carry the aforementioned goodies for sale, but they also offer a range of facial and body services, as well as medical-grade aesthetic treatments like the Vampire Facial, performed on site by their own on-site, attending medical director.

Oh, and want to read more about the health benefits of green tea? Click here. Bottom line: Drink the green tea. Allll the green tea.

And check out Apothecology. You won’t be sorry!

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who loves writing about life, parenthood, health, beauty and more. Have a story idea? Reach out! 

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