This “Poop Party” is all That is Right in Parenthood

Have you seen the kid’s party that is taking the internet by storm? A 3-year-old insisted on Poop as the theme for her 3rd birthday party.

Take a quick look. I’ll wait here.

Mom Rebecca and Poop-Party maven Audrey. Photo via Huffington Post

Pin the poop! Photo via Huffington Post

Photo via Huffington Post

Poop, Party of 4! Photo via Huffington Post

With a quick read of the above-linked article, you’ll see that Mom tried to encourage other party ideas, but little Audrey insisted on the stinky theme and just wouldn’t relent.

In the age of parent shaming and stupid “milestone” targets for your kid dictated by weekly emails, can I just get a HELL YES for these parents that not only okayed this theme, but also celebrated it and posted it all over social media?

Hell yes that they listened to what their kid wanted.

Hell yes to rebuffing Pinterest-inspired perfect parties (but also ironically creating one in the process).

Hell yes that the kid is that hysterical at age 3.

Want to love and her parents little Audrey even more? Check it:

“The guests played ‘pin the poop,’ enjoyed a poop emoji-shaped piñata filled with Tootsie Rolls and Hershey’s Kisses, and received whoopee cushion favors. [Mom] Rebecca even dressed in a poop costume.”

First? I want to hang out with these parents.

Second? They are living out the truism that you hear time and time again as a mom or dad: Some battles are worth fighting, and some aren’t.

That theory is also at play these days in our household, where I’ve allowed my 2 and a half-year-old daughter to leave the house in the same (one size too small) Frozen nightgown every day for the past two weeks straight.

Again, some battles? Worth fighting. Others? Not. Poop parties and nightgowns undeniably fall into the latter category.

The Dress. Also, please refer to her only as Elsa.

And ultimately these parents’ move to allow and celebrate their little girl’s strange choice underscores that oft-stated, but rarely-followed, bit of advice on parenting: It’s not about what other people think about the job we’re doing; it’s about doing what’s best for our kids. And it’s also about what keeps your household running as smoothly and healthily as possible.

Audrey’s awesome story and stories like it matter. Why? Because opening up honest dialogues between parents matters. The honesty and the pride about our quirks helps us all feel a little better, knowing we’re not alone in both the comedies and struggles of parenthood.

Let’s all be a little more Audrey. The poop- and the princess-obsessed among us? That’s real parenthood.

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