See You at the Beach

One of the many things lots of people associate Florida with is the beach and sunshine. And rightfully so. It’s rarely not vacation weather here, no matter the time of year, and while not all of us live along the beach, most are within reasonable driving distance.

We are. But it’s rare I muster up the courage to drive to the beach with the kids, and without my husband, like I did yesterday. Because, you know, #2toddlersnearwater and #35weekspregnantistoobigtochasethem all that stuff.

Anywho, we met up with some friends at the beach yesterday, threw up an umbrella and scattered a few beach toys, and had the most fun that is possible to have while surrounded with a bunch of kids and absolutely no alcohol.

Just a reminder that the most amazing things are often right near us, free, and better when we pause to really take them in. Hope you have a minute or two to take in what’s around you this weekend that is lovely and wonderful just as it is.

On another note, I’ve found the most comfortable bikini known to (woman)kind. And if I can say that while 35 weeks pregnant, then it is true for all times.

Whoooooa, belly (35 weeks)

What’s even better? They’re super affordable. I got mine at TJ Maxx but it looks like Burlington has more styles:

Pictured (same style as mine but different print)
More styles here!


See all you lovely people soon!

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