That Stuck Spot

These days, nestled somewhere between power washing the driveway and re-organizing my sock drawer on my list of priorities is working out.

Which is to say, it ain’t happening anytime soon.

And today when I dragged myself and my milk-stained pajamas out of bed and into the bathroom for the 30th time or so since giving birth and hopped onto the scale, I was reminded of the results of just how low on my list of priorities working out really is.

My weight is like that Justin Bieber song on the radio – stuck on replay.

So now I can say it’s official: I’m in that Stuck Spot.

Moms, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

After experiencing that exhilarating rapid loss in the first weeks after birth, you think, Hey, you badass chick you. You’ve already lost 25 pounds! The rest is gonna be pie!

Then you hit week whenever (for me it’s around 5 or 6), and you become Wile E. Coyote as that damn anvil plummets from the sky above and crushes you and your stupid hope flat back into the ground like the meatball you feel like you are.

Yup. My weight is officially stuck. I think I’d better grab a quilt and get comfy, cause I’m gonna stay here for a while.

I know this because this is exactly how it went my first two pregnancies, too. When I nurse, I hold onto weight. (I also tend to eat several cupcakes a day, like I did yesterday, with little to no shame, while complaining about holding onto weight.)

But this time, I’m going to go crazy and just tell myself, Hey, it’s okay. And I’m going to mean it.

I never actually weigh myself in “regular” life. The only time I get onto a scale is after having a baby, to gauge how long it takes for my body to get back to normal, to understand it a little more after this wacky journey of birth. Hell, I don’t even typically weigh myself during pregnancy, I just let the nurses do that at doctors appointments and then tell everyone what those numbers are.

So The Scale is a new companion of mine. Honestly, I kinda hate the guy. I can’t believe people willingly put themselves on this contraption on a regular basis and actually derive any level of self-worth from what it tells them.

But like I said, after I give birth, I just kinda like to know where I stand.

So, my dates with The Scale will stick around, but just for now. I will periodically check in, but only after giving myself a huge dose of grace every day when I see that same damn number over and over again.

I hope you give yourself a little grace today too. Whether it’s by ignoring that stupid scale or procrastinating something on your to do list so you can get a little extra time with someone you love, or whatever.

The best things it turns out, still can’t be measured in numbers anyway.


What has your journey with weight loss and health looked like since giving birth? Weigh in (haha) in Comments below! I love hearing from you guys!

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2 thoughts on “That Stuck Spot

  1. LOL.. I know the feeling… It’s even harder for me because I tend to have giant kids (1st 8lbs 9oz, 2nd 9lbs 14oz). So yes, the weight loss journey is real. I’ve lost a total of 21 lbs so far, and I’m no where near my weight loss goal.

    • It is SO real. And it can be frustrating! But then you look at your little babies and it’s all, “Okay, the current extra 20 pounds are worth it.” 😀 Thanks for writing in! Come back soon! xo

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