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You guys, I had such a great experience at BlogHer here in Orlando today.

I couldn’t go to more than one day’s worth of events (#childcareissues #momlife), but today I got to listen to and speak with some incredible, smart and motivated women who made me more excited about than ever this new journey that I’m on.

When you’re in a room with thousands of like-minded, yet unique-in-their-own-way, women, it’s all sorts of inspiring. BlogHer did that today for me, and it felt so damn good. I never doubted leaving my career in television, but today, more than ever, I realize I am right where I am supposed to be.

So even though I don’t have time today for a longer post, I just wanted to leave this here.

We’ve all got a spot in this world. Here’s to finding our own niches and supporting others while they find theirs.

(Oh, and I posted the baby’s picture because 1) I mean, seriously, THE CUTENESS. And 2) She was my little companion today at the conference and did so well! Why is it that my babies only sleep super well when we are away from home and I am in no position to nap at the same time?)

P.S. A fascinating theory on finding more joy, why we need to do better by our little girls, and why motherhood has me always keeping an eye on the clock.

Sonni Abatta runs an Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. She is really tired from carrying a 1.5-month-old around the BlogHer conference today so this is all she can come up with for a witty mini bio. Wanna get in touch? Reach out at Sonni@SonniAbatta.com!

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