Want to Declutter? Find Your Why

Find your rubber gloves and get ready to rock, my friends. Mama’s on a serious binge-fest around these parts, and I’m taking you all along for the ride.

In my never-ending bid to streamline our lives over here at Headquarters Family Circus, I’ve been dabbling with the concept of minimalism. While I have yet to soar to Marie Kondo-esque heights, I have found the joy in purging and streamlining our belongings. (Target, however, remains my arch enemy in this pursuit. Working on that.)

And recently I sought the help of a professional to keep the ball rolling.

In my last Get Organized post with Jennifer Pape of Extra Organized, we talked about organizing kids’ clutter. Today, it’s all about you. And your crap.

So much crap.

Don’t feel bad. You’re in good company.

When I hit my second trimester in my third pregnancy, I had an urge to purge so fierce, I walked into my closet with a box full of Glad bags and out with no fewer than ten, stuffed to bursting with old work clothes and more.

The thing is, we tend to accumulate things during periods in our lives when orgazization isn’t necessarily top of mind. For example, if your main priority is growing and delivering and keeping alive a tiny human, organizing your underwear by style and color is gonna fall somewhere around Number “Get Outta My Face” on your To-Do list. As it should.

But if you’ve reached a point where you Just. Can’t. with all that stuff, I’m here to help you out, cowgirl.

Allow me to get a little hippy dippy with you for a spell:

In normal-speak? You have to have a reason to get your butt moving.

Here are some signs you’re ready to downsize:

* Pushing through your hanging clothes in your closet qualifies as an arm workout.

* There is mold on your bottles of lotion that is growing mold. 

* Your sock drawer has more singles than a Cancun hotel during spring break.

Have you answered “yes” to at least one of the above?

Then it’s time to purge.

Thankfully, our friend Jennifer Pape from Extra Organized is here to help!

“Getting motivated to get organized often comes from inspiration or desperation. Either one will get you thinking about your space more mindfully. Often we sit in the middle of these two feelings – status quo gets us nowhere.”

Here are three simple tips to get on your way to organized!

1 – Look for inspo!

Jennifer says:

“Seek out inspiration on Pinterest or blogs and find pictures of homes and lifestyles [you] admire.”

2 – Be Your Own Worst Critic

“We can also look around our homes and get very critical about what’s not working. Either or both emotions will get you fired up to tackle that clutter.”

3 – Pick a Mantra

Here are some from Jennifer:

“Less stuff, Less stress.

Love it or Lose it.

A Home for Everything.”

Or, my personal favorite: “Get rid of that shit.”

Joking aside, these simple tips from Jennifer have really helped me cut down–and keep down–the clutter in our home.

So there you go, friends. Go forth and find your “Why.”

(I think it’s hiding under that pile of clothing.)

Do you have any quick ways to find inspiration to organize? I’d love to hear them below!

Sonni Abatta runs an Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. She also used to actually run, as in exercise. *pauses to remember nostalgically* Reach out with questions, qualms or collabs to Sonni@SonniAbatta.com.

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