How Do You Relax?

There are fewer moments in parenthood more treasured.

Your heart is full, you feel a tremendous sense of peace, and you know you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

I’m talking about … Couch Time.

Oh yeah baby. Parents know exactly the time I’m talking about.

It’s right after the kids go to bed, when you get to flip open your laptop, pop some kettle corn, put on your IDGAF sweats, turn on Netflix and tune out the world.

Later, homies.

Here’s how my evenings look these days: Bedtime at 7:30 for the big kids, which, if successful, is complete by 8:00. Then it’s back to the baby to get her back to sleep, and hopefully I’m all wrapped up with bedtimes by 9:00, at which point it is all bye bye world, it’s been great being moderately productive today and all but the Universe better not ask a single thing more of me or Imma lose my marbles.

After this internal monologue, I belly flop onto the couch with the gravitational pull of Saturn unto one of its moons, and I STRAIGHT. CHILL.

Last night after getting the kids down, we watched a couple episodes of House of Cards, during which at no fewer than three points I said to myself, Ooh, it’s getting late; I should go to bed. 

Then I countered back to my completely exhausted self with, But how do I possibly part with this moment by doing something boring like sleeping, when I could waste even more time browsing things I won’t buy at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, picking my cuticles and taking in the stomach-turning corruption of Frank Underwood and Co.? 

Ugh. Decisions.

But I know I’m not the only mom who would rather sacrifice a little shuteye in exchange for getting to enjoy a few more precious moments where you feel like your old self again.

I do truly relish every moment during the day with my pint-sized people. I get in squishes and cuddles and so many kisses that the kids literally have started to run from me when they see me coming. It’s so great to be around them all day and be able to soak them in. I feel so blessed to have those moments with them while they still like me.

But this time where I do nothing at all productive, and when my mind gets to reset for the next day? I need that too.

After all, you can’t start the race again without refueling the tank. And this engine runs on trash TV, dark chocolate and no regrets.

Hey moms (and dads!) What do you do to relax? What are your nightly rituals?

P.S. I also want to know how you work best, and how I’m still working my way through that post-pregnancy stuck spot.

Sonni Abatta runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog, and more often than not, she’s writing posts for this very site while she’s simultaneously doing all of the stuff she talked about in this post. No, productivity is not currently her strong suit. Want to collaborate? Have a suggestion or question? Reach out!

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