3 Good Reasons to Start Dry Brushing Now

Today I’m here with some tips on a new addition to my beauty routine that I’ve come to love: Dry brushing.

What is dry-brushing? It’s simple!

Using a natural-bristled brush, you brush your dry skin in a certain pattern to exfoliate, improve circulation, aid in detoxification and overall lift your mood. It’s pretty freakin’ awesome, and the feeling you get after doing it is addictive.

So before I tell you why dry brushing is so awesome, I wanted to show you the brush I use. It’s super affordable, easy to use and will be the perfect addition to your routine, too, if you’re looking to feel a little more rejuvenated.

I’ve been dry brushing for months now right before I shower or bathe, and I’ve fallen in love with the process. Not only does it make my skin so much smoother and prep my skin for deep hydration, but it also immediately relaxes me and lifts my mood overall. All in all, I feel so much better since incorporating it into my beauty routine; I think you’ll love it too!

What It Does


There is nothing like dry brushing to reveal smoother skin! It will slough away so much more dead skin than a scrub alone, leaving you with softer skin immediately.

The best part? It’s low-cost (a brush lasts way longer than a jar of scrub!); and if you brush, shower then follow up with a rich body butter, your skin will really glow. Here’s my favorite body butter that soaks right in and leaves you super soft.


Many people feel an immediate sense of rejuvenation after dry brushing, as if your blood is flowing better and my skin is temporarily plumped. This is probably due to the fact that dry brushing stimulates your system and causes an immediate increase in the flow of your blood.


Dry brushing increases blood circulation and helps promote to lymphatic drainage, which can have a positive impact on detoxifying your system.

Here’s what Dr. Joseph Marcela says:

“In your body, your lymphatic system is the system responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. Hundreds of miles of lymphatic tubules allow waste to be collected from your tissues and transported to your blood for elimination, a process referred to as lymphatic drainage.

When your lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up and make you sick. Lymphatic congestion is a major factor leading to inflammation and disease. By stimulating your lymphatic system and helping it release toxins, dry skin brushing is a powerful detoxification aid.”

What It Doesn’t Do

While dry brushing certainly has its benefits, it’s not a miracle worker. Here’s what it won’t do.

Remove Cellulite

Despite some people swearing that dry brushing has improved the appearance of their cellulite, there is no science to support this.

You do see some temporary plumping right after dry brushing which some people may mistake for a “fix” in cellulite, but it likely won’t make your cellulite go anywhere. But if you’re of the “can’t hurt to try” mentality, then you may want to give it a go.

Make You Lose Weight

Others swear that dry brushing helps kick start weight loss. Again, no science for that, but dry brushing will get your blood flowing, which in turn can give you a feel-good surge and who knows, maybe you take those endorphins all the way to the gym where you can actually be in a place to lose weight.

How to Do It

Start with dry skin, preferably right before you are ready to shower or bathe. (That way, you can rinse off all the dead skin cells.)

Starting at the ankles, brush upward with firm pressure on your legs, toward your hips. You can break it up into two sections–ankle-to-knee, then knee-to-hip–or do it in one long stroke.

Next, brush upward on your arms from your wrists to your shoulders.

Brush upward from your hips toward your chest area.

On your back, brush downward from your neck toward the middle of your back and up from your waist toward the middle of your back.

Do you dry brush? Think you’ll try it after reading this? Weigh in below in Comments!

P.S. I’m loving these safer makeup products, and Healthy Hair 101.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. Reach out with tips, questions or collaborations to Sonni@SonniAbatta.com.

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