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I’m as much a fan of a pretty occasion dress as anyone–if said occasion is a night dancing and teetering on sky-high heels through the streets of Miami with my husband for the weekend.

But let’s not kid anyone: Those occasions are few and far between lately. And by “few and far between,” I mean nearly extinct.

“Cute and impractical” takes second (or third, or tenth…) place on my list these days to “passably decent-looking and super comfortable.”

Because I don’t necessarily sit down forany length of time when our family is out and about, any outfit I choose for a big event has to be comfortable first, and cute second.

What I’m trying to say is, I need to be mobile enough to run after the errant child who thinks that sitting down at a family dinner/event/baptism is optional, and not required.

As it turns out, the kids were super well-behaved during the baby’s baptism mass, but I was still glad I would have been ready to bust out into a full-on sprint if necessary.

This romper is super comfortable, washable (because sticky kids’ hands, all the time), and–at least I think–all sorts of chic-looking.

So of course, I had to share it with you. 😉

To all the other mamas who need to look decent while still being able to fling off those heels and break into a sprint, this one’s for you!

Sidenote: I wore a bib necklace with the jumpsuit for the baptism (you can see it in the picture below, but do note that it is twisted to face the back because the baby kept resting her head on my chest). I was going to put it on for the pictures above but forgot because the kids were with me on this shoot, and oh my gosh, ALLTHECHAOS.

The necklace is about seven years old from Banana Republic and obviously no longer available, so here are some other beautiful bib necklace options!

What are your go-to outfits that are chic and comfy? I’d love to hear about them in Comments below!

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who sometimes wears nice things like this, but not usually. Reach out with questions, qualms and collabs to!

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