But Seriously, It Flies

It’s usually while we’re sitting on the couch, and he’s watching TV.

The way the sunlight hits his face from the nearby window, highlighting his sweet profile—more big boy than baby lately—and I get a little misty.

I know I’m not the only parent who looks at her kid and thinks, “Holy crap, where did the time go?” Never in a million years would I think that all those people who talked about how fast it goes would be right.

But they are, and it does.

My little dude is going to VPK this year, and despite the fact that I kinda wanna squeeze my eyes shut, put my fingers in my ears and scream LA-LA-LA real loudly to ignore the whole growing-up-so-quickly thing… time, it does march on.

And DAMN IT, all those “It goes so fast!” people were right. That little baby I used to rock to sleep is now going to be in school almost full-time. And he’s gonna need the big boy clothes to tackle his big boy days.

And my sweet little girl? You know, the one who was born just yesterday? The one that is still a little, tiny, cuddly…. Wait… Never mind. She’s big too. (WAAAAAAH.)

Maybe because of #alltheemotions, I put off our back-to-school shopping for as long as possible. But I can’t put it off forever. For us, school starts next week.

But as it turns out, my procrastination worked in my favor this time, because when I got the chance to check out some awesome deals at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, I seriously was able to tackle so much in such a short amount of time that it all worked out perfectly.

Yesterday, in two hours’ time, I tackled our back-to-school shopping list for the two Bigs in the cutest way possible. Here’s our haul of goodies, all of which we got for a steal! Check it out!

Here’s what we got:

3 Polo Ralph Lauren shirts

1 pair of Polo Ralph Lauren shorts

1 Polo Ralph Lauren dress

1 Tommy Hilfiger dress

1 pair of Tommy Hilfiger leggings

3 pairs of Crocs (my kids’ FAVORITE)

1 Kipling backpack

1 Kipling monkey keychain

Okay, is it just me, or was that some incredible shopping on my part? 😉

Anyhow, I’m super excited to have some adorable and versatile pieces for the kids to start their school year, and to wear all year long.

And, you guys, if I could have stayed longer to do some shopping for myself (I couldn’t, because three kids), I would have. They have over 160 stores, some of which I will definitely go back and check out myself, including Theory, Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, The Luxury Beauty Store and The Beauty Space. I think I need to get the babysitter on the hook soon.

If back-to-school shopping—or any shopping, for that matter—is still on your list and you head out to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets, here are a few helpful tips:

* Arrive early or late. 10am-noon and 7-11pm are best, when foot traffic is lower and parking is easier.

* Don’t forget your map!

* And if you’re a Florida resident, be sure to bring your ID, because you can unlock even more savings with their Savings Passport, which you can pick up from the customer service desk.

All in all, I’d call this one productive trip. Finding all the kids’ necessities in one spot, and at such great savings, was huge.

Now if someone could only invent something that packs lunches every day…


And–because I couldn’t end this post without giving you a little something 😉 –I wanted to let you know about a contest Simon is running to give away a $3500 shopping spree! Just head on over to their Instagram page and check out this post for details. Good luck!


All right, friends… til next time!

Tell me: Are you all done with back to school shopping? Did you find any deals at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets?

This post was generously sponsored by Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets. All opinions are mine!

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