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It’s no secret that being productive at home, while you also have three kids age four and under at home is, well, hard.

Did you ever try to run really fast in dry sand, but your feet keep sinking down so therefore you can’t actually move forward very fast at all?

Yeah. That’s working from home with kids. You know, without all the sticky sand and weird guys in Speedos running around.

It’s no secret that working moms—whether they work from home or away from home—have it tough. I have been both, and let me say, each has its own unique set of challenges. I divide my days as best I can between time for Kid Stuff, time for House Stuff, and time for Me Stuff. (I’ll give you one guess as to which one gets the least amount of time.) And this past month has been both busy and relaxing as I’m bouncing back and forth between all that stuff.

Let me explain.

Busy because, well, three kids under four.

Also busy we are starting to build our new house and we’ve been in constant decision-making mode for all sorts of features on the house. (But that’s the kind of busyness that I enjoy!)

And busy because we are also currently wondering here in Orlando if our homes are going to be blown off the map by Irma. Please keep Floridians in your thoughts as we go through this week, and those impacted by Harvey as well.

But it’s also been a time where I find myself having pockets of relaxing moments. The big kids are finally in school a few days a week. And while this means daily dropoff and pickup (hello car line! I HATE YOU), it also means a few hours to myself a couple days a week, which feels so good it’s almost criminal.

(I think I actually giggled the other day when I drove off in my car alone, like a teenager who stole her parents’ car for a joyride, except for, you know, the whole being-the-mom-myself-this-time thingy.)

These pockets of Me Time mean I’ve finally started working out outside of the house. As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of workout apps for those days when you’re trapped inside; you can get in surprisingly good shape with 20 minutes on a good workout app.

But when I can get out of the house to get my sweat on? Even better.

And apparently it’s a little tougher of a workout than what I’m doing on my own, because you guys? The first day after working out in an actual exercise class, I couldn’t bend down for four days afterward. HA!

Good Lord. If the old me could meet the new me, she would point, laugh hysterically, then maybe—just for shits and giggles—slap me and run away, because she would know there is noooo way in hell I would ever be able to catch her.

Aaaah, age and motherhood. The great equalizers!

Anyhow, I am sticking with my workout plan for now, and it’s good to be one step closer to being back in charge of my body again.

Look forward to writing more about my workout routine—what’s working and what’s not—in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, here’s to keeping active, no matter how many days it puts you out for afterward! 😀

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Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who, despite these pictures, is a suuuuuuuper slow runner these days. But she’s working on it. Want to collaborate? Reach out!

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