Do You Batch?

Usually my days are a mix of Kid Stuff—like school dropoff/pickup, snacks, playdates, meals, activities—and Me Stuff. Admittedly, there seems to be a lot less time for the latter. 😀

But I’ve started carving out time to work out at barre again, now that the kids are back in school (I also did this workout even while pregnant and loved it). And

The next step? To find a way to divide the small amount of Me Time I have into more productive chunks. When I was working outside of the house, it always felt so great to have time to sit at my desk, address tasks as they come in, and check them off the list.

Now that I’m working from home, I do a lot of my tasks on the fly, while the big kids are playing and the baby is napping. When we have a sitter, I try to sneak away to do some work in the office, but as anyone with toddlers knows, that usually can only last about 10 minutes before the mom search party is called out, and I’m right back with the kiddos, playing on the floor again.

Maybe it’s asking too much to have dedicated time to work while I have three very young children, but maybe I can find a way to make it work.

So I’ve been doing some reading online about “batching tasks,” and the idea really intrigues me. It makes perfect sense to group together similar items on your to-do list, spend a designated amount of time tackling them, then move onto the next batch. That’s the basis behind the Pomodoro Technique. You dedicate 25 minutes to tackling one pod of tasks, take a short break, then go on to the next.

As much as I love squeezing in my work in batches of 2 minutes here, 11 minutes there, all while–literally–balancing a baby on my hip, I think it’s time to find a more productive way to work.

How do you accomplish all the To-Do’s on your list? Anyone care to offer any advice on how to be productive? Hit me up in Comments!

P.S. How do you work best? And speaking of work, here’s to all you working moms. You rock.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger who’s clearly still honing her productivity skills. Help. Or don’t. Or reach out! Just click here.

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