Who’s in Your Tribe?

When the world calls on us to be strong—and all we want to do is fall apart (ahem THIS WEEK)—everyone needs someone to lean on. (Cue James Taylor singing “You’ve Got a Friend.”)

When I saw the news of the Las Vegas shooting and needed to process it, I reached out to my tribe of People. My mom, my sister and my friend E are always at the top of that list. (Andrew is of course my Ace, but I tend to leave the long philosophical discussions with him for the after-work hours.)

We dissect the situation, we share our opinions, we throw out what we think would be a good solution. In short, we just vent. A talk with a good friend or member of your circle is sometimes just what you need to process the craziness of the world around us. In a time where many of us are looking for answers that just aren’t there, it goes so far to talk it through with a friend—to try to break down some very big problems in a way that makes sense to you, with the people you know best.

I hope all of you are feeling better out there. As I’m sure you are too, I’m still processing it all, but mostly I’m thinking about the family and friends of the victims. We just can’t keep going on like this.

So tell me, who’s in your tribe? Who do you lean on when the going gets rough? I’d love to hear more in Comments below.

P.S. Sadly, we’ve been here before, and here are some tips to relax when it all seems like too much.

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