The One Step You Need to Add into Your Makeup Routine

NEWS FLASH! I screw up. A lot.

And I’m not just talking about parenting.

But really, we all do. I mean, the insurance industry is based around the principle that humans are one clunky, lubberly bunch.

That’s why, when I’m doing my makeup, I always have one certain bottle at the ready for touchups and fix-ups.

Micellar water pretty much changed the way I do my makeup. It allows me to fix my mistakes so easily, so I’m not scared to try new looks. (Who wants to go back to the starting line when you’re crafting a smoky eye? Not this chick.)

The benefit of micellar water over a dedicated makeup remover is that it is not oily in the slightest, and it truly does clean the skin from any makeup without leaving it sticky or feeling dry. It’s pretty much a miracle in a bottle.

And if you’re not on the micellar water trend yet, now is the time. Holidays call for dramatic, smoky eye looks–or at least attempts at smoky eye looks–and those in particular can leave you with lots of shadow fallout on your face that you’ll want to clean up before doing your concealer and base.

How to Use

Soak the end of a cotton swab in the micellar water and gently swipe under your eye after you’ve applied your shadow. Make sure to get into the inner corner of your eye–where liner can migrate–and all the way up under your bottom lash line, to make sure that you don’t have any unwanted fallout under the lashes before applying your coat of mascara.

For all-over makeup remover, simply soak a cotton pad and swipe over your whole face. I start on my cheeks, then go to my forehead and chin, and finish by removing my eye makeup. And then, of course, follow up with an actual water cleanse with cleanser, if possible.

My favorite formulation by far is this one. This bottle that stays on my vanity, no matter the time of year, and I get plenty of use out of it.

Check out some other options below!

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Sonni Abatta is a wife, a mom of three, and an Orlando lifestyle and mom blogger. Reach out to chat here!

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