The Prettiest Essential Holiday Accessory

Is there any room in the house more utilized than the kitchen?

The short answer is likely, no.

I joke that during any given day, I accomplish my 12-hour “stand goal” solely by moving within a three-foot radius in my kitchen—-with my sink being at the center point–because in that precise spot is where I spend about 75% of my days.

The daily pattern goes something like this: Wake up, make the kids toast and waffles; clean up toast and waffles. Make myself an egg; clean up. Drop kids off at school and return home. Make snack; clean up snack.

Realize it is (somehow) already past lunch time so slap together a grilled cheese sandwich; cut fruit; pour water; clean up.

Become unnerved that dinner is only hours away and begin to scan pantry furiously for something to throw together. Make some sort of dinner for the kids consisting likely of pasta and veggies; clean up.

Go back to scan pantry and realize there’s nothing good in there to make for me and my husband; call in takeout; eat takeout with him; clean up.

You get the picture.


Yes, our kitchen is the center of our house, as I’m sure it is yours. 🙂

That’s why I was so geeked when Mia from a company called Flowering Blues reached out about her absolutely gorgeous line of handmade aprons and kitchen linens. Her stuff is pretty much wearable and usable artwork, and I absolutely loved getting to wear the gorgeous Black and Gold apron in my own little kitchen orbit. 🙂

And it’s not just aprons! Flowering Blues has a little bit of everything for the favorite hostess in your life–gorgeous cloth napkins, hand towels, this perfectly-retro half apron and a special holiday collection.

And–because there is a great story behind every great product–I asked the founder and creator, Mia, to share a little about how she started the company. She is a painter and sculptor, and her passion for the beauty of the Louisiana landscape that surrounds her is what inspires her gorgeous creations.

“An interior designer I worked with jokingly admitted that she wished she could stretch one of my paintings over a chair – and instead of being offended, I was delightfully inspired and took it as a challenge. Little did she know, I practically grew up behind a sewing machine – my grandmother worked as a seamstress to create elaborate draperies, and I learned to sew by assisting her (while making clothes for her dog on the side). … So I went back to my roots as a Printmaking major in college, and set out to create a line of durable AND artistic products from scratch that represented my appreciation for life’s small details that are often overlooked. The more I learn about the landscape where I grew up, the more I have learned about things like the names of trees, the songs of birds, herbal medicine, and Victorian Floriography. The more I learn about wildflowers, the more I learn about the people who are attracted to them. My fabric customers have become my muses and still inspire me with their stories of overcoming hardship, and cultivating beauty. We find answers to most things out in nature, even still.It means the world to me to make these items for you, and the ones you love.”

And what’s even better is that I am now passing on the love to you guys, and giving it away! Click over to my Instagram page to enter.

You can also get 20% off any purchase with the code


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Happy cooking! Keep that kitchen busy! 😉

P.S. Here’s our family’s favorite Christmas cookie recipe, and one of my favorite Christmas posts–In Praise of the Wimpy Christmas Tree.

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