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So. It’s 2018. The new year! A new start! And here I am, with a heating pad on my boob, getting all reflective and stuff.

Before I get to the intention of this post (hahaha GET IT?), let me explain that last part. The bulk of this day has been dominated by my efforts to un-clog a clogged milk duct.

I won’t get into specifics–because while I tend to be a very no-holds-barred type of gal who’s not afraid to share some borderline-TMI stuff–this just isn’t a topic we need be hashing out in-depth. But I will say for the record, the only thing you need to know about a clogged milk duct is HOLY GOD THE PAIN. 

And may I say, lounging around the house with a heating pad plopped on my chest as the baby is crawling and pulling up on all sorts of furniture (yes, I said pulling up; I swear this kid at seven and a half months already does NOT want to be a baby anymore. Sob.) has apparently made me a touch pensive.

I’m reflecting on the year past and setting some intentions and goals of my own for 2018, and so naturally, I wanted to share them with you.

I, for one, love reading about other people’s intentions, resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them. It’s so encouraging to read that so many of us are out there actually working toward our happiness and our peace. The good stuff in life doesn’t come easy, and I am a firm believer that taking small steps daily is the key to contentment and success.

First, a look back: 2017 was my first full year of blogging and writing, and I am humbled to have been met with some small successes–including seeing my work published and quoted on several big sites, introducing taped video clips, and working on some really cool collaborations with some really cool brands. When I left television I never thought I would be doing this and finding so much joy in it. Getting to share my words and thoughts with all of you and hear your words and thoughts in return has truly been the most incredible experience, and I look so forward to continuing to get to know all of you who drop by this blog and my Facebook page!

So here are some of my intentions for 2018 for this blog, and for my writing. Here we go!


I cannot stress my passion for this word strongly enough. This was the reason I began writing and sharing my journey; it felt like there were so few people out there who were telling authentic stories about their lives, without filter, and it felt isolating to me. Am I the only mom to feel this? How normal is this? Why doesn’t it seem like anyone else is going through what I am? These are the questions I found myself asking time and time again as I scrolled through people’s social feeds.

As they say, “Be the change you want to see.” So that’s why I decided to begin to share some of my own truths about motherhood and life, in the hope that it would inspire some honest dialogue not only about the difficult stuff, but the good stuff too. Because guys? There is SO much good and hard stuff to share in our world, and I believe we grow a little bit each time we share.

That’s not to say there won’t be styled parts of this blog and on my social feeds. It’s fun to show off pretty pieces of clothing or beauty products, but my goal is that you always hear my voice, and my authenticity, coming through. Without that, it’s all just a bunch of pretty pictures. And how boring is that? 😉

I’ll share what I feel are my stories to share, and I will do so happily. I hope you know you are all part of this community and conversation, and I just love hearing back from you. Whether it’s on Facebook or in the Comments section of a post, please please write to me! Let me know what you like, don’t like, what’s going on in your life and what you had for lunch. Yes, all of it. 🙂 You’re the reason I love to share so much, so keep it coming!

So, yeah. In 2018 and beyond, Authenticity. Count on it.


Speaking of feedback and connecting with all of you wonderful souls, some feedback I’ve gotten is that people would like to see more positive content regarding parenthood. My writing about motherhood can be seen by some as being a little, errr, dramatic 😉 (hey, I stand by my utter hatred of slime, no matter what they say), but I think most of you know the humorous pieces are obviously tongue-in-cheek, and the serious posts are–well, what can I say, motherhood makes me sappy.

That being said, I do want to make this place and my Facebook page a space for some positive musings on parenthood, so stay tuned to both the blog and Facebook for that!


Ugh. Am I the only mom out there who feels unqualified to dress herself since having kids? It’s been five years of baking and birthing and raising babies, and I kinda feel like I lost my swerve… I’m certain that at some point I did know what I was doing, but now I’m all… Wait what goes with black again?

So stay tuned for some fashion-focused pieces on the blog as I go on the journey back to finding my own style again. It’s gonna be…interesting.


Not to be confused with “presents.” 😀

Since starting to work from home, I’ve found that I am the queen of multi-tasking out of necessity rather than preference, but as the months go on, I’m starting to realize this method isn’t sustainable in the long term. It’s just too scattered.

So this year I will plan so I can be present. I’m not a good mom or a good writer when I’m trying to do both at once, so I’m going to be more diligent about scheduling my time so that I can focus on the task at hand.

…Check back with me in a few months to see how this is going.

So, yes. Intentions. Consider them set! I’m all ready to take on 2018 like a boss. Anyone with me?

P.S. Something I always tell new moms, and one simple question to ask yourself that can make you happier.

Sonni Abatta is an Orlando-based lifestyle and mom blogger and kindly asks that you seriously check back with her on the whole promising-not-to-multitask-and-being-present thing. Seriously. She needs someone to hold her accountable. Want to work together? Hit me up here!



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