Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?

Since it’s all SICK STATUS: PLAGUE just about everywhere these days (thanks for nothing, flu), we are spending a little more time indoors than we normally do, trying to avoid catching The Bug.

Florida in wintertime usually means playground, playground and more playground time, because the weather here in the “colder” months usually hovers around a delectable 70-75 degrees. (And man oh man, you don’t want to even touch any kind of outdoor activity when it is July and eleventy bajillion degrees outside.)

But because of a number of factors–including my recent apparent agoraphobia due to aforementioned rampant illnesses–we are playing it a little closer to home to avoid as much germ-swapping with the general public as possible. To clarify, we are trying to avoid as much germ-swapping with the general public despite the fact that are kids are in school and by default exist in a viral cesspool for a portion of the week, as much as possible.

But you know what’s hard to do when you have three kids, five and under? Stay inside for long periods of time.

That is why I have gone the lowest of the low-fi when it comes to entertaining my kids for the past couple of days, and it’s actually–gasp–working.

And it’s all thanks to our humble friend–the old birthday-party standby–the balloon.

My sister-in-law recently brought one along to a mall play spot (also a highly not-recommended place when it comes to the prevention of disease spreading, but … eh), and I was all, “Oh my gosh, YOU ARE A GENIUS!” as I watched the kids bat the thing around between them for, oh I don’t know, like an hour straight. (Any parent knows that this is seven years in Little Kid time.)

So, SOLD. Off to Target to buy a giant bag of big balloons, which as you can see by the picture above, are already paying for themselves about a thousand times over.

So yeah. Balloons. Go get ’em. (And this is why I don’t fall under the “advice-giving” category of mom bloggers.)

Go forth and entertain, fellow agoraphobes. Stay healthy!

Balloons–even babies approve!
Sonni Abatta is a retired TV journalist, writer, mom of three, all-around crazy person and runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. She’s probably still stuck inside with the kids. Send coffee. Want to work together? Let’s chat! Reach out here.

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