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I find myself nearly undone by my kids at the most unexpected time. Do you?

And I don’t mean “undone” in the going-crazy sense (although YES there is so much of that); I mean it in the holy-crap-they-can-be-so-sweet-and-hysterical way.

I have taken to writing down the adorable things Sammy says at bedtime, because they are just so hysterical that I find myself reading them days later and literally laughing out loud.

I know other parents totally understand what I’m talking about. I’ve started to call these are The Payback Moments. For all of the cleaning up of spilled juice, picking hard Mac ‘n Cheese noodles out of our couch cushions, and doing eleventy bajillion loads of laundry every week, there is a moment like this. And by God, is it all worth it.

I hope you enjoy your Payback Moments tonight, and find just as many laughs in these as I did.

Sammy, Age 5, 9:00pm (AKA Way Past Bedtime):

I love your little fingernails.

In the morning, can I put pants on my head?

(Makes a heart shape with his fingers, then breaks it.) Don’t worry mama. We will find a way to get the heart back. We will glue it! (Pause.) it’s back! The perfect size.

(Hums Bad Romance.)


Dada says a werewolf will come into my bed. What state are they in?

PeeWee rode down the river to get to New York City, right?

Can we buy some Cheetos? Where are the Cheetos?!!?

[And my favorite:] I want you to hug me when I sleep.

Good night, fellow parents. Enjoy your Paybacks.

Sonni Abatta is a retired TV news anchor, current freelance writer, mom of three and wife, and runs this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. Want to work together or just to chat? Reach out!

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