Extend Your Blowout with This One Simple Trick

In the world of haircare, there are products you love, and products you looooove.

The girls know what I’m talking about.

I have tried just about every dry shampoo you can imagine–from drugstore brands to the salon-only ones–and the one I keep coming back to every single time is by Living Proof, and with good reason.

You see, I’m lucky to be able to have the time to wash my hair twice a week.I have really dry, fairly coarse and curly hair that just doesn’t do well with repeated heat styling. So I stick to products that I can rely on to perform.

Dry shampoo is no longer a “secret,” but this one tip may help you extend your blowout by a day, and it’s all about how you use your dry shampoo.

Instead of waiting until the grease shows up at my roots (gross eww yucky blah ick), I now spray up the day I do my blowout. I’ve found that this simple trick gives me one more day of solid “hair wear,” and also eliminates the possibility of over-using the dry shampoo.

Here’s the key: Don’t douse your hair in it. And try to avoid letting it cover your scalp, which can then trap sweat underneath. Use a very light touch, and spray just the hair itself very lightly, let it set for about 30 seconds, then brush it out.

This simple tip will keep the grease at bay a little longer!

Have a good hair day!





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