White Button-Down for the Win

There is one item that every girl needs to have in her wardrobe–one that you can dress up or down–and it’s this.

I can’t think of a situation where this white button-down shirt wouldn’t be appropriate.

Going to work? Pair it with a pair of slim-fit black pants.

Going out to meet a friend for lunch? Grab jeans and a great belt and tuck the front for a casual but I-still-kindacare-about-how-I-look look.

Have weekend plans with the family? Pair it with cutoffs and cute sneakers, gladiator sandals or wedges, roll up the sleeves and go!

When I started rebuilding my wardrobe, I knew I had to have a good white button-down, and this is it!









What I Wore It With


…Or Pair It With (on a Casual Day)


…For Work


Other White Shirt Options



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