The Mother of All Jeans

Am I the only one who looks back at pictures of myself from the early 2000s and literally cringes?

This could technically be due to a multitude of reasons, but in this instance it’s attributed to the one denim trend that permeated that period–low-rise jeans.

WHO on God’s green earth told women, You know what would look great?! Jeans that hit an inch above your bikini line!

The word “spillover” comes to mind when I think of this style. Worse than stonewash, worse than bell bottoms, worse than (GASP) jeggings… I am going on record right now saying that this is the actual one style I can say I definitively do NOT want to see resurrected.

It takes someone who lived through the low-rise denim trend to appreciate wholly the resurgence of high-rise jeans, and lemme tell ya, fellow Xennials who’ve #beentheredonethat, I have found the mother of all jeans.

And they’re made by Mother. (Heh.)

I got this pair of Mother High Waist Looker jeans in gray recently, and they’ve been so much more versatile than I thought they’d be. In addition to wearing them with heels and dressed up, I’ve also paired them with booties and an oversize sweater, and sneakers and a tee on more casual days. And no matter what, they look so good every way you wear them.

I’m in love. Now if I could only travel back in time to my 2001 self and tell her there are better days ahead…

(Oh, and the shoes. Rose gold shiny pumps. *drool* I’ll just leave them right here.)






Here they are in a more traditional dark denim, without the rips. Here they are in a lighter wash. This is the perfect distressed wash. And this might actually be the most feminine and adorable blush-colored (blush!) pair, complete with a beautiful lace trim on the hem.

So yes. Mother Denim. Get them and be transformed.

And the name, well, obviously that is just a bonus.

Fit info: I sized down one size and they fit snug, but well. I linked through to several colors and washes below in the same style.











Do you have any favorite pairs of jeans? Or better yet… Humor me and drop in some pics of awful low-rise jeans you wore in the 00s. I promise not to laugh.



P.S. Another awesome pair of jeans (under $30!) from another installment of The Style Project, and a swingy, chic striped dress for spring.

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