The Plague (and the New House)

It always starts out with these words: “So far I’ve been just fine…”

I dared utter them late last week when asked how I was feeling after The Plague took down three out of the five in our house, leaving only me and my son untouched.

And then? Then, this weekend happened.

I’ll spare you the gruesome details in favor of broad brushstrokes. There was puke. Lots of puke. There were multiple changes of bed sheets. There was an epic three-hour nap in the middle of the day on Saturday, because my body was just that achy and icky that I actually couldn’t stand. And after all of that there was more puke.

But before I slammed into the Great Wall of Sick, we got a chance to check on the house this weekend. And–even though I haven’t written about this in ages–I’m happy to report that it’s getting close!

Guys? Soon, I will have a home that does not have Sharpie marker all over the couch, Nutella all over the barstools and big gouges along the baseboards. (I’m sure they will be replaced by other relics of kid-dom, but still! This is big!)

So, a quick update in pictures on some of the finishes and accessories we’ve chosen. These last few weeks are going to go by quickly, so stay tuned for more finished pictures coming up as well!

Our kitchen! Still waiting on fronts for the cabinets and island.

At first, we were going to go with a light island to match the light cabinetry. Then I saw a picture online of an amethyst-colored island in an otherwise light kitchen and went into a weird must-have-jewel-toned-island frenzy. We settled on a sapphire color, since we had blue tones in other parts of the room.

This color is Seaworthy by Sherwin Williams.

Closeup of backsplash

I did not fancy myself a Shiplap Person, but when our designer suggested it for this eat-in area off our kitchen as well as the living area, we agreed, and you know what? I dig.

Grasscloth wallpaper in the master bedroom

When we decided on a fan over a chandelier in our master bedroom, I swore we would get something pretty so that we didn’t have to compromise style for function. Our designers found this fan and… SWOON. Like I said in the picture, is it weird to love a light fixture this much?

All I will say is, if you are replacing any faucets soon, please search Kohler’s Kallista line. You’re welcome.

Isn’t this light fixture for our kitchen table just super? That’s the only word I can think of right now. Super!

Master bathroom bathtub, clearly not installed, but still. Ooh!

It’s been so much fun seeing all of our picks come together as we go through these final weeks of construction. Big, BIG shoutout to our awesome designers who made this all happen!

Can’t wait to show you final pictures when the house is complete!

Okay, that’s all the excitement I can muster for now because I think I have to go throw up again. Uggggh.

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