Tie in Style with Teleties

One time, long long ago, in the terrible, horrible wasteland called High School, a girl named Sonni boarded a school bus, giddy with the anticipation of arriving home after a long day in the classroom.

After boarding the bus and resting comfortably in her seat, her “friend” (notice air quotes) said two words she never has forgotten since then, “Hey! Simba!”

Yes, that Simba. The one who started The Lion King looking like this…

…and ended it looking like this:

He’s the one on the left. Yes, the male.

Now it’s safe to say that this friend was not referencing my hunting prowess or ability to sprint across the savannah.

He meant, of course, my hair. Which, if you will be so kind as to promise to avoid ever showing anyone this picture ever ever again, I will now show you.

So, yes. Simba hair.

Since the widespread availability of hot tools (PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD, THANK YOU AND AMEN), my hair is less, well, big these days, but I’ve also gone and done this strange thing since my high school days: I’ve learned to accept how and who I am–big frizzy hair and all–and even ended up loving it in the process.

This doesn’t mean, though, that I can just let my Simba hair ride. I still have to have industrial-strength hair ties to hold it in place, and ones that hopefully look adorable while doing so.

Enter Teleties.

I recently got the chance to try out a bunch of these guys for myself, and I absolutely loved them. I’m partial to the large ties, but they have an adorable selection in smaller sizes (that would also be super cute to use on your Mini Me’s!).

I love too that each sale supports a mission, with portions of their sales going to the Global Lyme Alliance, which supports research, education and prevention of Lyme Disease.

So there you go. Tie back your Simba hair, look adorable while doing so, and help with a great charity all at once. Day, made.



Sonni Abatta is a mom of three, writer, host and all-around mess. You can find her writing about herself in third person on every damn post here on this Orlando lifestyle and mom blog. Want to chat? Collaborate? Have your own horrible high school bus stories? Hit me up–I mean, hit her up–here!



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