SPF That Doubles as Tinted Moisturizer

When you live in Florida and it’s infernally hot most of the year, the only thing worse than having to drag yourself through the soup we call “air” is getting sun spots from said crazy/hot summer weather.

That’s why I’ve become a bit of a human guinea pig when it comes to buying and testing one of my favorite categories of products–the SPF face moisturizer.

Here’s What I Look For

I prefer mineral sunblocks because I find them to be much less irritating on my skin. So the formulas that I tend to gravitate toward have zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or both as the main sun protection ingredients, rather than chemical ingredients like homosalate, octinoxate, avobenzone or oxybenzone.

Light tint. For daily wear, I don’t want too much coverage; in fact on most days I’d choose clear if possible. But as long as it’s not too cakey and “makeup-y,” it’s good to me!

Light feel. Even though physical sunblocks get a bad rap for being heavier on the skin and feeling like an extra layer, if you find the right formula, this shouldn’t be the case.

I recently found this product that gives the perfect amount of tint and coverage, and that great, light feel. I had to share!

It’s the Complexion Rescue Defense by Bare Minerals. Like I said, it’s a new discovery for me, and so far, I’m loving it!

It can be used alone as a tinted moisturizer, or under makeup as a primer. Worn alone, like I prefer to wear it, it gives your skin a glow–a nice luminosity that provides a touch of coverage and blurs out imperfections, without looking too “makeup-y.”

Apply with your fingers or even a makeup brush to buff it out, and it will perk up your skin too!

Here are some other products I’ve tried and loved that provide the same natural, light coverage, along with all the sun protection you need!


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