Fall Denim Guide

Weather-wise, we will be in the sixth circle of Hell for about another three months down here in Florida, but for the rest of the country–tip back your pumpkin spice lattes and pull out those weird cornucopia-looking decorations–because fall is here!

(No, it doesn’t matter that the calendar doesn’t agree. In the minds of many, September=Time to Commence All Things Fall.)

I picked up this amazing pair of jeans during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and finally wore them a few times, and it got me inspired to share some great denim picks for fall, should you need a few other pairs to get your cool season off to a good start.

Warning: I am BOUT IT BOUT IT with the high-waisted denim lately, so if you’ve got flawless abs circa 2001-era Britney, you may be wanting to show those off still, and these picks aren’t for you. But for everyone else who has the great pleasure of owning Post-Baby Skin (it’s crepey and a little fold-y when you lean forward, but it also helped give you beautiful kids so when that happens and you look down at it you just go, meh); or if you’re part of the rest of the 99% of people who is ready to end the masochistic-era of low-rise denim, then these puppies are for you!

First up, lest you question whether anything truly good can come from the Kardashian empire, let me answer with a resounding YES as I present these jeans, called, ironically in this case, “Good American,” which also happen to be the design child of one Khloe Kardashian.

The fit is on point, the fabric has the perfect amount of stretch and they have tons of designs that span classic to trendy. I’m wearing this pair in these photos, and–BONUS!–they’re 40% off right now through September 9th!

Here are some other great denim options for fall

Mother is another favorite denim brand of mine, and I’ve been living in this pair of jeans for the past few months:

Here are some other styles from Mother that I love!

I also get a ton of wear out of this pair by Articles of Society:

Other cute pairs from Good American:

That’s it! Just a few ideas to kick off your fall denim binge right. ?

What are your go-to denim styles? Tell me more in Comments below!

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