New York City Girls’ Weekend

I want so badly to be able to offer some witty commentary and storytelling to accompany these photos, but I am so. very. tired.

That’s the thing about traveling as a mom; you can’t wait to get time away, but when you get back you pay the price in exhaustion. In fact, the baby was so happy to see me again last night that she decided to wake me up for two hours to hang out. Starting at 12:30.

So I’m working on getting my brain back on track, but in the meantime, enjoy these few snaps from the weekend! It was so much fun heading to New York City with my sister and friend!

A few beauty goodies for the trip!

Testing out the new camera with my main man before takeoff!

Tested out my new Sony camera. Love shooting with it, even though it kind of screams HELLO I’M A TOURIST when I wear it around.

Ate at this restaurant in Brooklyn. SO GOOD. I recommend the peppers.

Goes without saying

Before dinner on Friday with sister!

Interpretive dance at Bryant Park. Gotta love NY!

Our hotel room at the Public on the Lower East Side

US Open Women’s Singles Finals. We saw the Serena drama happen right in front of us!

Since it was also Fashion Week, we saw photo streets on seriously every corner with all the bloggers there. This is @ellenvlora, who was so sweet when I randomly went up to her and was like, “How can I follow you?” [Hello, my name is Sonni and I am a dork.]

“I went to the US Open and all I got was this hat.” Ok stupid joke. But seriously this is now my favorite sport to watch. Calm, quiet, and celebrity sightings on the Jumbotron.

Right after Osaka won the women’s singles final.

If you follow me on IG you know we did Core Power Yoga on Saturday morning which was INTENSE. I have never sweated more in my life. I also left class and promptly consumed half a pizza.

Upset this turned out a little blurry because it was gorgeous! The Brooklyn Bridge after dinner on Friday night.

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